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Get 5 eevee Evolutions

Get all 5 eevee evolutions

To get all the evolutions of eevee you need to get a eevee(get it from bills house).You will need to do the duplicating cheat to get 5 eevees.Now do the following to get the pokemon:

Espeon & Umbreon: you will need to make eevee trust you alot to get it to evolve. It will usually evolve after lv.42(mine evolved at 46)if your eevee evolves during the day you will have an Espeon and Umbreon at night.

Flareon,Jolteon,Vaporeon: you will need a firestone,waterstone and thunderstone.Get them from bill's grandpa in cerulean cape above cerulean city. He will ask you to show him these Pokemon and when you show him that Pokemon he will give you a stone.

(Note:you will have to go ask him then he will tell you to show him that pokemon).

Now that you have 3 more eevees left use waterstone to get vaporeon, firestone to get flareon and thunderstone to get jolteon. Now you have all 5 evolutions of eevee!

Glitch for duplicates

Ok as many of you may know you can duplicate Pokemon and items.

To duplicate a Pokemon you will put that Pokemon in a storage box by it's self and then you will switch it to another bax and when the game says saving do not turn off the power turn it off and when you turn it back on you will have two of that same Pokemon to also make a duplicate item just make the Pokemon hold the item that you want to duplicate and then go through that prosses and when you find both Pokemon they will both be holding a item and they will be both identical and this will not mess up your game in any way so you can do it countless times.

Black White and Red all over

Ok I really don't know what happened but I finished the puzzle with ho-oh on it. ( You know where all the unknowns are?!) Well I was walking around and I have know clue what I did but my game restarted and everything was black and white. And your character was outlined in red. I thought Celebi appeared but I don't think so. Believe me!!! Unfortunatly it doesn't last. My game froze and it never came back.

Delete all saved progress

I don't think anyone will want to do this but press up B and select, it will say do you want do delete all saved data press yes or no it isn't that great though

Duplicating pokemon

Save game in front of pc, deposit Pokemon you want to clone, switch to an empty box, turn game off when screen says "SAVING DONT TURN OFF THE POWER", make sure you do this WHILE it says this, turn game back on and the Pokemon will be in your party AND in your pc. This cheat also works on silver!!

All 3 starer pokemon

I discovered a little while ago when experimenting with my game that you don't need a gameshark or gamelink cable to get all 3 starters. Its like the cloning cheat but longer.
First start a new game and save right before you choose your starter.
Next go for the egg and bring it back to Elm.
After his assistant gives you the 5 pokeballs go and catch 1 more pokemon.
Then go to the poke-center and deposit your starter.
Now change to a different box and before the "Saving... Don't turn off the power" message goes through turn off the game.
Repeat the same thing with the next starter and the when you choose the third save and, there you go! You have all 3 starters!

How To Get Celebi!!!

Hey you Pokefans! I think I know how to get celibi! Well from my Pokemon Gold book it says you have to catch all the unknowns in 30 minutes. Then celebi will appear somewhere...

90%chance of working.

No Missingno

You are not able to get missingno in gold because cinnabar is destroyed. You can try but it wont work.

Catching Pokemon with full health

This works most of the time w/o status changes either!
1. While throwing the pokeball, hold b+Up until the ball stops bouncing.
2. When the ball is wiggling, tap a repetitively until it stops
3. Then hold a until it starts wiggling again (about 1 second).
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until caught.

Sun stone Evolving

Sunkern Gloom

Evolve these with a sun stone.

Radio Card Answers

The answers for the radio card are: yes, yes no, yes, no.

Pokemon Silver cheats

Breeding with Ditto:
A Ditto will act as the female when breeding so you don't have to capture two of each type of Pokemon that you want to breed.

Pokemon Silver Locations

011 Metapod -
National Park (Bug Catching Contest)

012 Butterfree -
National Park (Bug Catching Contest)

013 Weedle -
Routes 2, 30, Ilex Forest (amongst others)

014 Kakuna -
Routes 2, 30, Ilex Forest (amongst others)

015 Beedrill -
Routes 2 (amongst others)

023 Ekans -
Routes 3, 32, 33 (amongst others)

024 Arbok -
Routes 3, 4, 27 (amongst others)

027 Sandshrew -
Goldenrod City Game Corner

028 Sandslash -
Evolve from Sandshrew only

037 Vulpix -
Routes 7, 8, 36, 37 (amongst others)

052 Meowth -
Routes 5, 8, 39 (amongst others)

053 Persian -
Route 7

165 Ledyba -
Routes 2, 30, 37 (amongst others)

166 Ledian -
Route 2

216 Teddiursa -
Route 45

217 Ursaring -
Route 28, Victory Road, Mt Silver Caves (amongst others)

225 Delibird -
Ice Path

227 Skarmory -
Route 45

(For a complete list of the Pokemon in the Pokedex and their locations go to Pokemon Gold)

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Pokemon Gold cheats

Breeding Evolutions:
Give Male and Female Pokemon to the Keepers at the Daycare Centre to breed new Pokemon. The Daycare Centre is located south of Goldenrod City on Route 33.

Breed 2 Jigglypuffs to get Igglybuff.

Breed 2 Magmars to get get Magby.

Breed a Venonat with a Pinsir to get Pinsir.

Breed 2 Pikachus to get Pichu.

Breed 2 Electabuzzes to get Elekid.

Breed a Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee with a Ditto to get Tyrogue.

Breed a Clefairy with a Snubbull to get a second Snubbull.

Breed 2 Clefairies to get Cleffa.

Breed a Gyarados with the Red Gyarados to get a Golden Magikarp.

Set your clock to Daylight-Savings:
Your Mother will ask you if you want to set your clock to Daylight-Savings time when you return to your house

Avoid random battles:
Use Cut when you walk up to the edge of grass and the grass will be gone preventing random battles.

Breeding with Ditto:
A Ditto will act as the female when breeding so you don't have to capture two of each type of Pokemon that you want to breed.

Trade Evolutions involving Trainers:
Pokemon that only evolve when traded with another Trainer or require that the Pokemon holds a certain item when traded.

Haunter - Gengar

Machoke - Machamp

Kadabra - Alakazam

Graveler - Golem

Porygon - Porygon2 (Hold Up-Grade)

Seadra - Kingdra (Hold Dragon Scale)

Onix - Steelix (Hold Metal Coat)

Scyther - Scizor (Hold Metal Coat)

Poliwhirl - Politoed (Hold King's Rock)

Slowpoke - Slowking (Hold King's Rock)

Pokemon Locations

010 Caterpie -
Routes 2, 30, Ilex Forest (amongst others)

011 Metapod -
Routes 2, 30, Ilex Forest (amongst others)

013 Weedle -
National Park (Bug Catching Contest)

014 Kakuna -
National Park (Bug Catching Contest)

015 Beedrill -
National Park (Bug Catching Contest)

016 Pidgey -
Routes 1, 29, 30 (amongst others)

017 Pidgeotto -
Routes 8, 15, 43 (amongst others)

018 Pidgeot -
Evolve from Pidgeotto only

019 Rattata -
Routes 1, 22, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, Union Cave, Sprout Tower (amongst others)

020 Raticate -
Burned Tower, Routes 7, 27, Union Cave (amongst others)

021 Spearow -
Routes 22, 33, 42 (amongst others)

022 Fearow -
Routes 16, 17, 18 (amongst others)

023 Ekans -
Goldenrod City Game Corner

024 Arbok -
Evolve from Ekans only

025 Pikachu -
Route 2

026 Raichu -
Evolve from Pikachu only

027 Sandshrew -
Union Cave, Mt. Moon

028 Sandslash -
Routes 26, 27, Mt. Moon

029 Nidoran -
Female Routes 35, 36

030 Nidorina -
Routes 13, 14, 15

031 Nidoqueen -
Evolve from Nidorina only

032 Nidoran -
Male Routes 35, 36

033 Nidorino -
Routes 13, 14, 15

034 Nidoking -
Evolve from Nidorino

035 Clefairy -
Mt. Moon

036 Clefable -
Evolve from Clefairy

038 Ninetales -
Evolve from Vulpix

039 Jigglypuff -
Routes 3, 4

040 Wigglytuff -
Evolve from Jigglypuff

041 Zubat -
Routes 32, 33, Union Cave, Slowpoke Well, Ilex Forest (amongst others)

042 Golbat -
Slowpoke Well, Victory Road (amongst others)

043 Oddish -
Routes 5, 6, Ilex Forest (amongst others)

044 Gloom -
Route 5

045 Vileplume -
Evolve from Gloom

046 Paras -
Ilex Forest, National Park

047 Parasect -
Evolve from Paras

048 Venonat -
Routes 24, 25, 32, National Park (amongst others)

049 Venomoth -
Routes 24, 25, National Park (amongst others)

050 Diglett -
Diglett's Cave

051 Dugtrio -
Diglett's Cave

054 Psyduck -
Routes 6, 35, Ilex Forest

055 Golduck -
Routes 6, 35, Ilex Forest (amongst others)

056 Mankey -
Routes 9, 42

057 Primeape -
Route 9

058 Growlithe -
Routes 7, 36, 37 (amongst others)

059 Arcanine -
Evolve from Growlithe

060 Poliwag -
Routes 22, 30, Ecruteak City (amongst others)

061 Poliwhirl -
Route 30, Violet City, Mt. Silver (amongst others)

062 Poliwrath -
Evolve from Poliwhirl

063 Abra -
Routes 5, 24, 34, Goldenrod City (amongst others)

064 Kadabra-
Route 8

065 Alakazam -
Evolve from Kadabra

066 Machop -
Mt.Mortar, Rock Tunnel, Goldenrod City

067 Machoke -
Mt.Mortar, Rock Tunnel

068 Machamp -
Evolve from Machoke

069 Bellsprout-
Routes 5, 24, 31, 32 (amongst others)

070 Weepinbell-
Routes 24, 25, 44 (amongst others)

071 Victreebel -
Evolve from Weepinbell

072 Tentacool-
Routes 12, 34, New Bark Town (amongst others)

073 Tentacruel -
Routes 12, 34, New Bark Town (amongst others)

074 Geodude-
Route 46, Dark Cave, Mt. Mortar (amongst others)

075 Graveler -
Route 45, Dark Cave, Mt Silver (amongst others)

076 Golem -
Evolve from Graveler

077 Ponyta -
Routes 26, 28, Mt. Silver (amongst others)

078 Rapidash -
Route 28, Mt. Silver, Pewter City

079 Slowpoke -
Slowpoke Well (amongst others)

080 Slowbro -
Slowpoke Well

081 Magnemite -
Routes 6, 11, 38 (amongst others)

082 Magneton-
Evolve from Magnemite

083 Farfetch'd -
Routes 38, 39

084 Doduo -
Routes 22, 26, 27 (amongst others)

085 Dodrio -
Routes 26, 28, Mt. Silver (amongst others)

086 Seel -
Whirl Island Caves

087 Dewgong -
Evolve from Seel

088 Grimer -
Routes 16, 17, 18 (amongst others)

089 Muk -
Routes 16, 17, 18 (amongst others)

090 Shellder -
Routes 20, 26, Vermilion City (fish)

091 Cloyster -
Evolve from Shellder

092 Gastly -
Tin Tower, Sprout Tower

093 Haunter -
Route 8

094 Gengar -
Evolve from Haunter

095 Onix -
Violet City, Union Cave, Victory Road

096 Drowzee -
Routes 11, 34, 35

097 Hypno -
Route 11

098 Krabby -
Route 19, Whirl Island Cave, Cherrygrove City (amongst others)

099 Kingler -
Routes 19, 40, Cherrygrove City (amongst others)

100 Voltorb -
Route 10, Olivine City, Mahogany Town (Rocket Hideout)

101 Electrode -
Mahogany Town (Rocket Hideout)

102 Exeggcute -
Forest Locations: Trees (use Headbutt)

103 Exeggutor -
Evolve from Exeggcute

104 Cubone -
Rock Tunnel

105 Marowak -
Rock Tunnel

106 Hitmonlee -
Evolve from Tyrogue (SPC)

107 Hitmonchan -
Evolve from Tyrogue (SPC)

108 Lickitung -
Route 44

109 Koffing -
Burned Tower

110 Weezing -
Evolve from Koffing

111 Rhyhorn -
Victory Road

112 Rhydon -
Blackthorn City

113 Chansey -
Routes 13, 14, 15

114 Tangela -
Routes 21, 44, Mt. Silver (amongst others)

115 Kangaskhan -
Rock Tunnel

116 Horsea -
Whirl Island Caves

117 Seadra -
Whirl Island Caves

118 Goldeen -
Routes 4, 25, Mt. Mortar (amongst others)

119 Seaking -
Routes 4, 25, Mt. Mortar (amongst others)

120 Staryu -
Routes 19, 34, Olivine City (amongst others)

121 Starmie -
Evolve from Staryu

122 Mr. Mime -
Route 21

123 Scyther -
National Park (Bug Catching Contest)

124 Jynx -
Ice Path

125 Electabuzz -
Route 10

126 Magmar -
Burned Tower

127 Pinsir -
National Park (Bug Catching Contest)

128 Tauros -
Routes 38, 39

129 Magikarp -
Route 43, Lake of Rage, Blackthorn City (amongst others)

130 Gyarados -
Lake of Rage, Fuchsia City

131 Lapras -
Union Cave (Fridays)

132 Ditto -
Routes 34, 35

133 Eevee -
Goldenrod City, Celadon City

134 Vaporeon -
Evolve from Eevee

135 Jolteon -
Evolve from Eevee

136 Flareon -
Evolve from Eevee

137 Porygon -
Goldenrod City Game Corner

142 Aerodactyl -
Route 14 (trade)

143 Snorlax -
Vermilion City (wake with Radio's Flute)

147 Dratini -
Route 45, Goldenrod City, Dragon's Den

148 Dragonair -
Route 45, Dragon's Den

149 Dragonite -
Evolve from Dragonair

151 Mew -
(Prize in Nintendo Events, Contests, Mall Tours)

152 Chikorita -
New Bark Town (starting Pokemon)

153 Bayleef -
Evolve from Chikorita

154 Meganium -
Evolve from Bayleef

155 Cyndaquil -
New Bark Town (starting Pokemon)

156 Quilava -
Evolve from Cyndaquil

157 Typhlosion -
Evolve from Quilava

158 Tododile -
New Bark Town (starting Pokemon)

159 Croconaw -
Evolve from Tododile

160 Feraligtr -
Evolve from Croconaw

161 Sentret -
Routes 1, 29

162 Furret -
Route 1

163 Hoothoot -
Routes 1, 29, 30, 31, 35, 36, 37, National Park (amongst others)

164 Noctowl -
Routes 2, 14, 43 (amongst others)

167 Spinarak -
Routes 2, 30, 37 (amongst others)

168 Ariados -
Route 2

169 Crobat -
Evolve from Golbat (FRN)

170 Chinchou -
Fish: Routes 20, 41, New Bark Town (amongst others)

171 Lanturn:
Fish: Routes 20, 41, New Bark Town (amongst others)

172 Pichu:
Breed at Daycare Center

173 Cleffa:
Breed at Daycare Center

174 Igglybuff:
Breed at Daycare Center

175 Togepi -
Violet City (receive from Prof's aide)

176 Togetic -
Evolve from Togepi (FRN)

177 Natu -
Ruins of Alph

178 Xatu -
Evolve from Natu

179 Mareep -
Routes 32, 42, 43 (amongst others)

180 Flaafy -
Routes 42, 43 (amongst others)

181 Ampharos -
Evolve from Flaafy

182 Bellossom -
Evolve from Gloom (STN)

183 Marill -
Mt. Mortar

184 Azumarill -
Evolve from Marill

185 Sudowoodo -
Route 36 (use Squirtbottle)

186 Politoed -
Evolve from Poliwhirl (STN)

187 Hoppip -
Routes 13, 32, 33 (amongst others)

188 Skiploom -
Route 14

189 Jumpluff -
Evolve from Skiploom

190 Aipom:
Mountain Locations: Trees (use Headbutt)

191 Sunkern -
Route 24, National Park

192 Sunflora -
Evolve from Sunkern (STN)

193 Yanma -
Route 35

194 Wooper -
Route 32, Ruins of Alph, Union Cave

195 Quagsire -
Route 10, 27, 32 (amongst others)

196 Espeon -
Evolve from Eevee (SPC)

197 Umbreon -
Evolve from Eevee (SPC)

198 Murkrow -
Routes 7, 16

199 Slowking -
Evolve from Slowpoke (STN)

200 Misdreavus -
Mt. Silver Caves

201 Unown -
Ruins of Alph

202 Wobbuffet -
Dark Cave

203 Girafarig -
Route 43

204 Pineco -
Forest Locations: Trees (use Headbutt)

205 Forretress -
Evolve from Pineco

206 Dunsparce -
Dark Cave

207 Gligar -
Route 45

208 Steelix -
Evolve from Onix (ITR)

209 Snubbull -
Route 38

210 Granbull -
Evolve from Snubbull

211 Qwilfish -
Fish: Routes 12, 13, 32

212 Scizor -
Evolve from Scyther (ITR)

213 Shuckle Cianwood City

214 Heracross -
Mountain Locations: Trees (use Headbutt)

215 Sneasel -
Route 28, Mt. Silver

218 Slugma -
Routes 16, 17, 18

219 Magcargo -
Evolve from Slugma

220 Swinub -
Ice Path

221 Piloswine -
Evolve from Swinub

222 Corsola -
Fish: Routes 18, 34, Olivine City (amongst others)

223 Remoraid -
Fish: Route 44

224 Octillery -
Evolve from Remoraid

226 Mantine -
Route 41

228 Houndour -
Route 7

229 Houndoom -
Evolve from Houndour

230 Kingdra -
Evolve from Seadra (ITR)

231 Phanpy -
Route 45

232 Donphan -
Route 28, Victory Road, Mt. Silver Caves (amongst others)

233 Porygon2 -
Evolve from Porygon (ITR)

234 Stantler -
Routes 36, 37

235 Smeargle -
Ruins of Alph

236 Tyrogue -
Mt. Mortar

237 Hitmontop -
Evolve from Tyrogue (SPC)

238 Smoochum -
Breed at Daycare Center

239 Elekid-
Breed at Daycare Center

240 Magby -
Breed at Daycare Center

241 Miltank -
Routes 38, 39

242 Blissey -
Evolve from Chansey (FRN)

243 Raikou -
Anywhere in Johto (after visit to Burned Tower)

244 Entei -
Anywhere in Johto (after visit to Burned Tower)

245 Suicune -
Anywhere in Johto (after visit to Burned Tower)

246 Larvitar -
Mt. Silver Caves

247 Pupitar -
Evolve from Larvitar

248 Tyranitar -
Evolve from Pupitar

249 Lugia -
Whirl Island Caves

250 Ho-oh -
Tin Tower

251 Celebi -
(Prize in Nintendo Events, Contests, Mall Tours)

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In game reset

For reseting the game just press the ff. Buttons START+SELECT+A+B
For restarting the game just prees these buttons SELECT+B+DOWN

How to get renomaid

When the guy who won't let you pass out of mahogany town leaves there are two fishers after you beat "Wilton Fisher" talk to him get his phone number and later he will call you and say "Whoa the renomaid are biteing like mad bring your rod buddy" it's not always the first Pokemon you catch so fish until you find one and I suggest you use a good rod, good luck!

Cloning Masterballs or other items

When Cloning a Pokemon give it the masterball to hold and your cloned Pokemon will be holding a masterball. Look at the other cheats to find out how to clone Pokemon.

Submitted by Spyro Madgirl's friend.

Freeze Your clock

First go to Vermilion city and talk to the Machop. Then check how many coins you have in your coin cash. Your game should ether reset or freeze. If it freezes then start again, If it resets then your colours will screw up but your clock will be frozen.
Note: this is perment intell you reset your clock.

Exp. share

After you catch the red gyarados you will recieved the red scale.

Then go with Mr.Pokemon and then he will try your red scale for the EXP.SHARE.

Just a hint on where to find the Shiny ones!!!

Yes, it is a 1% possibility to find a rare different-colored Pokemon in this game, but these are just clues on where you most likely find them (I'm not telling you to stay there and search and search until you die since you will be so sure that they will appear in there).

1. Green Tentacool
I found it inside the cave at the right of Azalea Town, although my brother saw it in the pond of the day care center. During my second game, i found it while surfing on my way to Victory Road. My cousin caught it in cianwood town. SO IT'S NOT SURE WHERE THEY REALLY APPEAR.

2. Red Donphan
It's either in Victory Road or inside Silver Cave. I caught it on Silver Cave juz by surprise. I was training and puff, it appeared.

3. Violet Krabby and Green Krabby
I caught this two in juz one game (oh, how lucky am I) the first one (violet) was in the day care center, and the other one was in Olivine City.

I actually use sometimes the shiny Pokemon code but it's a lot more challenging to look for real ones without the cheat.

Another, my Pokemon were not infected by Pokerus in the route where Yanma appears. Maybe I caught while while training on some raticates, Dodous, Dodrios, Ponytas and Sandslash on the grasses going to Victory Road.

Pokemon Rulz and it Rocks the Philippines.

Teru-Sama Update!!!!

I found out some things about Teru-Sama...

It prevents you from having link battles, and the only way to eliminate it is to either start a new game, or Save it onto a Mega Memory Card for Game Boy. I also found out that Teru-Sama is Japanese for something which I do not know.

Strong Pokemon

This may not be true I don't know, but a friend told me this:
When you have beaten the Elite Four + beaten Kanto, go to mount Silver .When inside keep walking until a wild LARVITAR appears.

Better have a good ball like a Ultra ball! Beacase you need to catch one. Raise it until it evolves at lvl 65 or something. It is according to my mate the best in the game. When it evolves I think it becomes a TYRANATAR.

Slight Twist On Cloning

To get all three starters, extra Togepi, Sudowoodo, Ho-ho, Lugia, Shiny Gyarados, Eevee
May work for Game Corner prize Pokemon too???

Save your game just before you get one of these.
Go to a PC
Deposit the new Pokemon
Change boxes, wait for the SAVING DONT TURN... switch it off.
Turn it back on.
The pokemon you deposited should still be there, and you can go get the pokemon again.
The other pokemon you get will be slightly different. Stats wont be exactly the same.
Do this as may times as you like.

Should theoretically work for Entei, Suicune, and Raikou. But it's a little hard to save just before you see one.

Map switcher

Fly to your house then on the right surf, somewhere there should be a spot where your map will change on your map from the old map to the new.

How to get Mew!



1.You must have a Red, Yellow, or Blue version of Pokemon to do this!

2.You shouldn't have beat the Gambler just outside of the Underground Path to the right of Saffron or the youngster with the slowpoke above Cerulean.


1.Go through the Underground Path from Celadon City. As you reach the end, SAVE.

2.Go up the stairs and out the door. The Gambler is right in front of you just a few steps away.

3.Move towards him like you would do to fight anyone. As soon as you get in his sight range, PRESS START QUICKLY BEFORE HE SEES YOU!

4.Fly to Cerulean City. The Gambler should see you but he cant fight you. You can't use your start button, yet.

5.Walk to the Youngster with the Slowpoke. Walk into his sight range. LET HIM WALK OVER TO YOU! IF YOU WALK IN FRONT OF HIM THE GAME WLL FREEZE!

6.Battle him and win. DON'T SAVE!!

7.Fly to Lavender Town.

8.Walk left to where the Gambler was. Your start menu should appear automatically. DON'T SAVE!! Press start to take it down. A level 7 Mew should attack you. Catch it. (IF YOU KILL IT TURN OFF YOUR GAME AND START THE CHEAT OVER!) SAVE THE GAME!

9.Trade to Pokemon Silver, Gold, or Crystal.


It learns Transform, Mega Punch, and Psychic on its own. IT CAN LEARN ANY TM OR HM!

Clear saved game

Ok, when you get to the screen with Ho-Ho press b+ up+select at the same time and it should say Clear all save data area.

If you dont get it the first time try again.

Resetting the game

If you want to change the time then this is what you have to do. When the picture of Ho-oh or Lugia(depending on which version you have) comes up when you turn on your game press b+select+down at the same time and enter the password.

When you do this it will say Password Accepted blablabla. When you start your game it will tell you to reset the clocks. This is good when trying to get the haircut bros over +over+over ( you get the picture ).

Few cheats

Here are two cheats that I found out.

If u trade pokemon from red or blue or yellow they sometimes hold items.

For example
chansey will have a lucky punch.

Sometimes other pokemon have other items like burn berries try it and you'll see.

The other cheat is for a silver eyed venonat.

You have to look long and hard through the bug catching contest. keep trying I cant guarentee you'll find it but I did.

You can also find a golden seaking if you surf half on water half on land on the middle cave opening next to mahogany town.

Those were my cheats hope they helped.
1 Luv

BTW can anyone tell me how to find marill in gold I searched the cave day and night for hours but can't find it...thanx

Invisible items

If you want to find invisible items just find a blank space with three walls or something around it stand in the space behind it and click a and then it will say found ????? p.s most of them will be rare items like rare candy

How to get different pokemon by trade

Graveler normally to get Golem.
Machoke normally to get Machamp.
Kadabra normally to get Alakazam.
Haunter normally to get Gengar.
Poliwhirl holding king's rock to get Politoed.
Slowpoke holding king's rock to get Slowbro or Slowking.
Onix holding metal coat to get Steelix.
Scyther holding metal coat to get Scizor.
Porygon holding up-grade to get something.
Seadra holding dragon scale to get Kingdra.

4 cheats and 1 tip

It's the duplicating cheat.

Many of you already know how to do it, but if not here it is.

1. Get the pokemon you want to duplicate in your party.

2. Deposit the pokemon in a box. (the box does not have to be empty. It justs needs to be able to hold the duplicated pokemon!)

3. Exit out of the deposit screen and go to change box.

4. Change the box to a different one.
Ex: if your at box one change to box two.

5.It will say "SAVING...Don't turn off the power!" Turn the game off when it says SAVING...(That's what i do)

Caution: You have to be fast but not all that fast.

6. Turn the game back on and you should have one of the pokemon in your party and one in your box.


If you have cheats or hints that ACTUALLY WORKS then post on this site:

I want to know the move cheat, and I also want to know if the cheat that says you have to beat the elite 4-13 times to get a token to give to Mr. Pokemon to get all 250 pokemon works.

That was a long sentence!
Hi, im new to this but here it goes.

First you have to make the first pokemon in your party extremly happy, then you have to take it to prof.elm.

He will say it seems that you and "however" are getting along well or somthing like that.

so supercheats is the best site ever.


Places to find rare pokemon
1.chansey=route 13,14,15
2.aradactyle=trade chansey with girl in square patch of grass on route 14.
and I got mew two from a friend who had pokemon red and i also got articuno, moltress and zapdos you trade the pokemon to poke'mon yellow and trade pikachu' to your game and then trade back and there you go.
This is a cheat on how to get all starters without a gameshark cartridge. But if you have gotten really far don't use this because you have to save it.

1.Start a new game,call yourself whatever you want.

2.Pick any of the starters. the game as normal untill you get the pokeballs of the assistant at prof. Elms.

4.Catch any wild pokemon, it doesn't matter which one because your not gonna keep it.

5.go to a computer and do the clone cheat, but don't save before you do it

6.When you turn back on you should be right at the beginning when the play time is 0:00

7.go to Prof. Elm as usual but pick a different starter.

8.go to the second town and log on to the pokemon PC.

9.Go to withdraw and the first pokemon you started with will be there.

10.Do the same again with the third pokemon and you'll have all three pokemon.
Ok, these are the real answers to shorten them down

A = Yes
B = No

during game so e.g
is ditto male press B ok

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. No
4. Yes
5. No

ok and every one stop posting fake cheats please
You probably know how to use cheats as game enhancers but there is something that is better than any cheat.

That thing is Pokemon Stadium 2. You can do so much more with it than just you're gold/silver and a game boy.

You can trade pokemon that are already in you're boxes.

If you've never seen what pokemon look like for real, its right here with a 3D picture of every Pokemon.

You can get a free mystery gift every day and see a 3D picture of your room with all your mystery gift prizes.

The enhanced pokedex shows everything you need to know about finding pokemon including the rate you find them, the levels you find them at, how you find them, and what time of day you find them.

Then theres the Pokemon Academy where you find info on type match ups, pokemon, items, moves, and even eggs. Its a Pokemania place! If you can't buy it at any store buy it at ebay.

Except the academy, you can only use these features witha transfer pack. You're best bet is ebay.
hope these cheats help you.

How to beat Red (Ash)

Firstly all your pokemon should be either lvl 70+

Ash will first use Pikachu lvl. 81 use either a rock or ground pokemon to beat him. The Blastoise lvl. 77 use an electric pokemon to beat blastoise.

Then Charizard lvl 77 he is reall weak against Hydro Pump and Surf so use a water pokemon. Venasaur lvl 77 use either a fire or psychic pokemon.

Espeon lvl 73 use a drak pokemon such as Sneasel. Last but not least Snorlax lvl 75 use fighting pokemon and when he uses rest use dream eater on him.

How to clone pokemon and items,
1.Get the pokemon u want to clone.
3.Then open Bills pc and deposit the pokemon in a box with nothing in it.
4.Finnaly move to a different box with nothing in it and when it says "saving do not turn off",turn it off!
5.When you turn it back on u will have 2 pokemon, one it your box and one with you.
Tested and Approved

All Celebi cheats are Bogus. The only ways to get a Celebi is from a Nintendo Rep., or You could use a GameShark.

Getting all 3 pokemon(chicarita, cydiquil, tododile)

When starting a game save it. Then go to new game and do the duplication code (put pokemon in one box.

Then change the box and when it says "saving don't turn off" turn it off)Then go back to the continued game and will have the main pokemon you choose in the box

WARNING: Make sure and pokemon you want isn't in you activated box or all of them will be erased but counted for

To multiply pokemon.

Go to a PC and deposit the pokemon you want to clone. After you do that, change the box to a emty box.

When it says saving don't turn off the power, turn it off after it says, saving don't turn.

After you turn it back on, you should have one of the pokemon with you and one in the PC.

You can keep doing this as much as you want.

NOTE: don't let it save when you switch boxes.

I know you have already heard this but just for a reminder here is how you use the duplication code: go to any pokemon center. save in front of the computer. go to Bills pc storage and deposit the pokemon you want to duplicate.

4.when you have done this go to change box and when its saying SAVING DO NOT TURN OFF GAME turn off the game but do so befor it gets past saving or it will not work.


You can get your pokedex upgraded if you catch 3 unown's.

When you have done that the go out of the cave and a guy will meet you. Talk to him and follow him to his lab, then he will upgrade your pokedex.

Then you can catch 26 Unown's and then can you do a special thing. You can use the printer in the lab, and with that you can print out all of the Unown's.

To view your new pokedex you must push select button in your pokedex and choose "Unown Mode."

PS: To you who wants to catch Misdreavus you can catch it in the top of Mt.Silver!!!

Yeah, sure wild Pokemon are of utmost importance to raise Pokemon but when youre trying to get to a certain place (I am especially attracted to Celadon City) these Pokemon can be annoying. Don't worry here's a cheat for this:

1) Get Hive Badge and Zephyr Badge
2) Go to Ilex Forest and acquire the Cut Ability. You know how to get it!
3) Teach it to a compatible Pokemon.
4) Turn towards a patch of grass.
5) Tell the Pokemon to use Cut.
6) That patch of grass will disappear.

Cut the grass at the top of National Park. When you cut it there will be ANOTHER patch of grass underneath it. This is why it is so jam-packed with those cute little creatures

Shining Natu. Has Brown body w/yellow wings.
Go to where you put Ho-oh's puzzle is located. Catch a Natu. Call it Pinnicio.

Keep in PC for 24hrs.

DON'T LOOK IN THAT BOX!!!!!!If you did it right you will have a shinning Natu with the moves Triple Kick, Petal Dance, Mimic, & Low Kick.

Don't get dissapointed if it is not a Shinning Natu. Sometimes it will know the same moves.

*NOTE*: The Natu must be level 22.

Here are some good tricks

How to get the 3 legendary dog:
All those cheats that tell you where Raikou,Entei,and Suicune are wrong.The only way to get them is when you are walking and 1 appears you catch it and if it escapes look for it in your pokedex.Waiy until it appears between Mahogany town and Lake of rage.

Then,fly to Mahogany Town and go to to the route to go to Lake of rage.Once u are there check in your pokedex if it stills there.If he is not do this again.

This really work I have the 3 dogs and Igot them by doing this.

Where is Lugia:
Lugia is in the whirpool islands.When you Go down a Waterfall do not go to any latters or exits.Just keep going forward.Lugia is in the water.When you see him save.

If you kill him turn your Game boy off.If you know how to clone items,clone the Masterball.The trick is

How to clone Items:
Give the Item you want to clone to a Pokemon.Save and Deposit the Pokemon with the Item (does not need to be an empty box).

Change the box to an empty one.When it says "Saving don't turn off the power"turn off the power.You will have 1 Pokemon in your Party and 1 deposited.Take The items and you are done.

This tricks eally work.I did them All and I was succesful.

Ok listen up. Cause I got something to say and I'm only saying it once.

If your pokemon is just about out of hp,
here is how to stay out of battle less until you reach a pokemon center or town

make sure you know the move CUT.

Stand in front of a grass patch and use cut. This should cut down the grass to nothing until you return. Keep cutting until you come to a pokemon center to heal.

see ya all later bye

If you want a good team listen up
because these are the pokemon you


Here's how you can catch all 3 legendary dogs:

1) U use the duplication code,to duplicate your master balls.

2)Use your poke'dex to find the 3.

3)when u find their nest use a repel.

4)Use the master balls to catch the 3.

Give Mr. Pokemon the red scale that you got from the red gyrados to get exp.share then defeat all the gyms.

Use the missingno trick with some rare candies in a blue or red version on some pokemon and transport those pokemon to your gold or silver version.Give a weak pokemon of yours exp.

Share and defeat the elite four(with the pokemon from your blue or red version).

The weak pokemon will gain experience points and soon become strong.

I've used this trick alot and now all my pkm are level 50!

This isnt really a cheat but no cheat seems to be working from this site on my gameboy advance. '

Please, please someone tell me why the cheats aren't working.

Is it something to do with my version? I can't even seem to change the time in the game let alone anything else!

hello my name is ajay1992 I am new.I have got a cheat which is so cool.

If you want mew go to the shrine and press A ONLY after you have got all the badges and the unknown ones plus all 250 pokemon.

Hi! If you want to know some`BOgUS'
cheats, here's some:

You can't deposite and go to 'Relaese'
and go to Prof. Elm and he'll give you
one a different colour & one holding
a Masterball. I tried it and I lost
my L:35 Sandslash & my L:29 Houndoom.
I dont like that person who sent that

If you beat the Elite 3 & go in and out
of Bill's house 3 times, you can't come across a secret cave & a level 113
Mantine. It's just not possible in
Silver or Gold.

Have you heard of Pokemon Ruby & Saphire? It's going to come out on
Gameboy Advanced. Please tell me when
it comes out....... Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

if u want the ultimate read this:

mew lv 100
thunder, blizzard,fireblast and hiddenpower.

mewtwo lv 100
shadowball,psychic,recover and thunder

celibi lv 100
hyperbeam,psychic,psywave and psybeam

tryanniter lv 100
rock slide,crunch,bite and surf

dragonite lv 100
hyperbeam,twister,dragonbreath and thunder

espeon lv 100
crunch,faint attack,bite and sunny day

so if u want to beat everyone listen to me


Hi! I want to tell you a Bogus cheat,something not to do, and the best Dam* team in the Poke'mon Universe.

1.Do not believe the "breed Megnimum & Alakazam to get Celebi" cheat. Trust me. I've tried it several times and it does not work.

2. Don't ever try to get mail that has been writen on out of the PC at home. It will mess up your game.
3.The best team!
Typhlosion LV.100
Flame Wheel
Quick Attack
Fire Punch
Ho-Oh LV.48
Scared fire
Rock Smash
Fire Blast
Raikou LV.44
Quick Attack
Meganium LV.42
Body Slam
Razor leaf
Feraligatr LV.31
Blastoise LV.62
Hydro Pump
Ice Punch
Maga Kick
Machop LV.13
Espeon LV.40
Gastly LV.23
Drgonair LV.44
Ditto LV.57

How to make a ultra ball to a master ball just with a though simple steps!!

1. find a pokemon u whant and weaken it.
2. chuk a ultra ball and when it opens
hold a and b together.
3. when the ball closes and moves side to side use the arrow keys and still hold a and b and press left when the ball moves to the left and right when the ball moves to the right till u catch the pokemon.
4. wellah u have the pokemon.

Here's how to get Eevee

1.Go to Ecruteak city.

2.Go to the pokecentre.

3.Bill will start talking to you.

4.After he leaves go to Goldenrod City and down to Bill's parent's house.

5.He will say"Here this pokemon came through the link to the past.Will you look after it?"

If you want all evolutions duplicate it.


Everyone thinks there is not Missigno is Silver, or Gold, Thats not ture its just because they havnt even found it yet, but I have found it.

I have bribed a Nintendo tester (1-800-255-3700)

and i know how to get a Misgino. Alright

First go to Sea Foam Islands and catch a Lugia, (simple enough)and once you have cought it cloned the Lugia(learn how to on this site) oncce you have got 2 Luga's go to Fushia city, and give a moon stone to the lugia to hold.

Then save the game, then go to Sea foam islands and go to the place where you caught Lugia, another Lugia will be there(AMAZING I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD WORK AT FIRST) then all you have to do is catch it, once you caught it, it will immediantly evole into a Missigno because of the Moonstone.

This cheat works because i got it from the xperts try it ulself it MAY NOT WORK the first time it took me like 20 some times to do it but its worth it.

Missigno lets you have inifinte Master balls and level hundred pokemon, but it may affect some of you game sometimes when you catch it a pokemon it wont show up in the box or party(SOMETIMES)

Hey, I found this really cool cheat.

This cheat is for ppl who are in the middle of game stage 1 (between the very beginning and beating elite 4)

When you're in Cianwood, go to the house that's at the top (or near the top). A guy in there will tell you that you're enemy has stolen one of his pokemon and hhe'll ask you to take care of his Shukie. Take it and come back later. (make sure you have enough room in your party) When you come back he'll ask for it back. Make sure you've trained it to lv.30. If you keep it then go back after catching Lugia and Ho-oh. He'll say "WOW YOU'RE SO STRONG" and he'll take back his shuckie. If you talk to him 10 times he'll give you shuckie lv. 40 to keep!!!

Only 50% guarantee

And how to pronounce my name Alys : Alice or Ally

Big Snorlax Doll

Get the mother ing the game to save your money up to $100,000.

She will then call you and say she bought something.

How to get snorlax level 50

go to where he's sleeping in kanto.

Put on radio on poke flute.

He will battle you.weaken him then catch.viola.

Hi its me ceribro let me tell you this team and cheat is really cool. this is my team...

mewtwo lv.100

articuno lv.50

moltress lv.100

zapdos lv.50

feraligator lv.96

misdreavus lv.45

I also want to say super cheats has helped me alot and my pokedex is223 seen and 114 caught and how to find QUILLFISH. you go to the fishing spot just above the fishing gurus house and below lavender town.

Wobefet. In the cave just under blackthorn city to the left.

How to duplicate pokemon and any item that you want:

First you give the item to the pokemon you want to duplicate then you save in front of any pc in a pokemon center.

Deposit the pokemon you want to duplicate then you change box then when it says saving don't turn off the power turn it off then turn it on check your party and you will have the pokemon you just duplicated check the box and there is it's clone.

Thank you for reading my article.

PS: If you have any cheat to get mew and celebi please I say please post here!

Me again. This isnt really a cheat but itz useful to complete your pokedex.If you are looking for houndoor and Murkrow,you find them on route 6 and 7 at NIGHT.Thatz next to Celadon City in Gold/Silver.

I have to ask y'all a question.Is there a way to save the Safari Zone in Fuschia City?Because if you can I want to catch pokemon there.Someone tell me!

The way to get Umbreon is train an eevee at night and it will evolve like at level 46 and espeon train eevee in the morning and it will evolve at like level 48.

Clone your eevee's to get all evolutions.

How to catch Lugia,go to Olivine City then surf keep to the right side of the sea.

As your surfing on the right the first island u see go to it,to get in u need to know Whirlpool as u get in the cave u need flash then jump over ledge there will be 2 paths to choose from,a up path and down path choose the up path there should be another ledge on the up path,jump over it.

There will be a ladder goin into the ground go in it,there will be a path going down go down it then go left and down.

There will be a ladder go in it u will find yourself on a little island surf down on the right there will be a waterfall surf down it once off the waterfall there will be a island on the left,go on it and there will be a door on the wall go in it there will be water on the top.

Surf up and there will be pokemon moving press A to talk to it then u will battle it.Congratulations! u found lugia.Remember to have a marter ball to get it.PEACE!!!!

Here's homeboy again,

here's a way to doublecate a pokemon or a item.

1.You choose the pokemon/item you want to doublecate and save in front of the computer anywhere {if you want to doublecate a item then give it to a pokemon and doublecate the pokemon in order to doublecate the item}.

2.Then you go to bills pc and go to a empty box and put in the pokemon you want to doublecate with or with out the item.

3.Then change box and you know when you change a box it say do not turn off the power well right when it gets to powre turn it off as fast as you can.The when you turn it back on you will have a pokemon with or without a item in your party and the same pokemon in the what use to be empty.


first you get a charmander, then you train it to involve to a charmelean, then with the charmelean you train it to involve to a CHARZARD.


Hi you all I want to ask some questions and give you a cool move cheat for POKEMON traded from RED:


1. What is the trick about the guy in LAKE OF RAGE that he wants to see the biggest MAGIKARP in the world. I've shown him even a Lv:100 MAGIKARP (traded from RED) and it wasn't big enough. What should I do?

2. To Nicky The GS Master I want to ask what is the move cheat. I know a move cheat for POKEMON traded from the RED version but I don't know the move cheat for the new POKEMON of Silver version.


The move cheat for traded POKEMON from RED is:

1. You learn a POKEMON the MIMIC attack (that you get it from COPYCAT if you give her a POKE DOLL) then you trade it to Silver and you battle with a Gold or Crystal Version.

On Gold or Crystal you have in the fist place Smeregle and you attack with Sketch then with your pokemon traded from RED you attack with mimic and then the POKEMON traded from RED should learn SKETCH. Then on Gold you change SMEREGLE with the POKEMON with the attack you want to learn to the POKEMON traded from RED.

You attack with the POKEMON from GOLD with the attack you want to copy and then you attack with the POKEMON from RED with SKETCH and there you go you have a special attack on a POKEMON.

Ex a Gaurados with Aeroblast or a Electrode with Guillotine.

P.S: TO Nicky The GS Master Please sent me your MOVE CHEAT.

Hey you all poke fans. I would like to warn you about some bogus or dangerous cheats like:


1. The cheat that you get all starters if you have any POKEMON in any box you should know that the POKEMON in you box will vanish and you will have only your party POKEMON and the starter you chose to get from the cheat for ex Chikorita or Totodile or any other POKEMON.


3. There is no such thing as Dancer the evolved POKEMON of Gloom because Gloom evolves into Vileplume with the LEAF STONE and into Bellossom with the SUN STONE. There is no such thing as RAINBOW STONE.

I would like to ask Yugi_Moto which wall do you walk into at the secret river cheat in Cherygrove?

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Listen this is probrably the only way to fond this cheats and i know it works 50% of the time.


to cath celibi go to kanto BUT DONT BEAT ANY GYM LEADERS insteed go to the radio tower and talk to every one and someone tells you a certain order to beat kanto's gyms. beat them in that order andgo back to the person and she/he gives you theGS ball bring it to kurt and wate for 30 minutes talk to him andhe tells you to put it in a tablet but befor you do save and heal. know go to the forest left of Azeala town and the tablet is at where you get cut and celibi attacks or fight you . when you dolower it to red and  use the GS ball and you have  celibi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How to get most of the shiny pokemon

First, Catch the red Gyarados, then delete all the moves except leer, then trade it to pokemon blue or red, then walk around in the brush and try to find ditto, use leer on it, then it will transform, then catch it with master ball, the trade the ditto back to silver or gold, you will have a shiny ditto, then breed it with pokemon that are male only so it carries the ditto's gene of being shiny. it will not work with the pokemon with an unknown gender or any pokemon that will only be one gender like jynx(always a female.)
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- Submitted by Matt Baldauf, Feb 25, 2008.

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