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EpicDuel Tips & Hints

Level up

You can fight some of the NPC (Non-Playable Character) and level up. It's simple, you just go to the NPC and click challenge (Some of them can't be fought so be aware of that) then you battle them but don't TOO high level people because they can still fight back.


Effective leveling secrets

First you must log in two characters or more (minimum of lvl.5-1). Then meet the two characters in a same area. When they meet, one must ask a duel request and the other one must accept it. When the battle starts, one must run or quit from the battle. The effect is the other character will win and exp is given. Do this every hour and your character will level.



Equipment: Mlojonir any gun,any aux/energy meele phisical gun and aux dun hear use energy wep some time level 25 up all have great energy def at last must have 1 phisical 2 energy or 1 energy 2 phisical wep.

skill: hybrid armor(max) maul 3 above and artillery(max).

stat: Energy def must 17 above and phisical 13+13(wit hybrid armor) hp and mana: 80 above mana 60 above

First see enemy support if low, hit wit maul hope stun but low support make chance stun great (not stun if enemy lucky) wait 2 turn sometime u enemy hit u low level partner heal him (parner very important) wit mlojonir boost stat can heal 33 but u field medic only level 1,use artillery wait good timing wit artillery and see enemy def.


Tech Mage: Easy kills

Bet at level 10 with the Lightning Strike, Regular Blast, and Super Blast skills. First, use the lightning strike to stun them if lucky. Then, use the Regular Blast (upgrades recommended). Next, just hit them with your staff or shoot them with a gun. Finally, use your Super Blast (upgrades recommended).


Mage: Easy kills

Use Lightning Strike. Use the move that results in extra damage. Use a gun (not primary) because when the enemy's health reaches 30 or higher it will go lower than 20, making them heal. Use Super Charge to finish him off. Note: Upgrade it for more powerful hit.


Mage moves

  1. Use lightning strike.
  2. Use the move dat givs extra damage.
  3. Use gun not primary coz wen enemy health reach 30 or higher it will go lower than 20 making them heal and gives you more trouble.
  4. Use super charge to finish him off (note: upgrade it for more powerful hit so u can absolutely kill enemy).


Bounty Hunter

You need the following: Ground Slam, Bazooka, And the rain thingy.

First hit them with ground slam (beware none of these will stun) then hit them with the bazooka and then the rain thing then a couple of other hit and they should be done with!

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