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Parasite Eve 2 cheats, hints, guides

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In-game reset:
Press Start + Select + R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 during game play.

Bounty mode:
Successfully complete the game with any ending to unlock bounty mode. Note: This also unlocks replay mode.

Scavenger (supportless) mode:
Successfully complete the game with at least 69,001 experience to unlock scavenger mode.

Nightmare (deadly) mode:
Successfully complete the game in scavenger mode game to unlock nightmare mode.

Hidden grenade launcher ammo
In Akropolis tower,on the way to insert the red key which No.9 dropped at the church.Go out of the church,walk near the elevator and you will see something like a mailbox and press the X botton which will reveal grenade launcher ammo.

GunBlade weapon:
Successfully complete the game with a S rank to use Squall's GunBlade weapon from Final Fantasy 8 when the game is played in Replay mode for 10,000 BP. Press R1 to swing it at an opponent, then press R2 to shoot when it hits an opponent. Note: This weapon uses shotgun ammunition.

If you achieve an L rank, you will unlock Monk Robe, Medicine Wheel and Recovery 2. In replay mode, buy the Medicine Wheel and put it in as an attachment to fight No. 9 in Dryfield and you will receive a "Katana ? ? ?". Examine it and you will possess the GunBlade.

Super GunBlade slash:
Unlock the GunBlade and use the following trick to slash the target and execute the hyper velocity attack. Press Primary Attack. When the blade reaches near impact press Secondary Attack. This will execute an explosive attack creating further damage to the target. To strengthen this technique, use different kinds of ammunition. The stronger the ammunition, the more damage the attack will do.

Hyper Velocity weapon:
Successfully complete the game with an A rank. The Hyper Velocity weapon will be available in Replay mode for 20,000 BP.

Monk Robe:
Successfully complete the game with an L rank. The Monk Robe armor will be available in Replay mode for 3,000 BP.

Rating bonuses:
You will be rewarded with a rating boost when completing the following modes.
Information in this section was contributed by Code Man.
Bounty mode: 1 extra rating level
Scavenger mode: 2 extra rating levels
Nightmare mode: 3 extra rating levels

Best ending:
Accomplish the following to get the best ending.

1. Flint lives after the Burner Boss battle in Dryfield.
2. Receive the M950 from Gary Douglas.
3. Solve the Full Moon Puzzle.
4. Return to Dryfield and save Pierces life.
5. Get SUV key from Pierce.
6. Get the Bowman's card.
7. Talk to Pierce on the Laboratory phone.
8. Meet Pierce in the Pod Service Gantry.
9. Pierce calls you on the phone in the Nursery.
10. Read Pierces memo in the Pod Service Gantry.
11. Jodie answers the phone from the Underground Parking Lot.
12. Flint meets you in the Marines Camp.
13. Meet Jodie outside the Marine commanders tent.
14. Give Flint Eve's Teddy Bear.
15. Rescue Pierce from the Golem Freezer.
16. Flint leads you to rescue the blind marine.
17. Get the MM1 from the marine in the Underground Parking Lot.

Training point values:
When training, if you get enough points you can get things such as bullets or hunter goggles. Get the points listed below to get the items from Jodie in the armory.

Level 1
Score 8000 get 100 bonus BP Nothing
Score 9000 get 200 bonus BP and 50 9mm Hydra bullets
Score 10,000 get 300 BP and 50 9mm Hydra bullets

Level 2
Score 16,000 get 100 BP Nothing
Score 16,800 get 200 BP and Ringer Solution
Score 17,400 get 300 BP and Ringer Solution

Level 3
Score 39,000 get 100 BP Nothing
Score 46,000 get 200 BP and Hunter Goggles
Score 50,000 get 300 BP and Hunter Goggles.

Level 4
Score 52,000 get 100 BP Nothing
Score 56,000 get 200 BP Nothing
Score 300 BP get Lipstick

Level 5
Score 50,000 get 100 BP Nothing
Score 53,000 get 200 BP Nothing
Score 55,000 + get 300 BP and the Shoulder Holster

Puzzle solutions:

Level 1. Akropolis Tower
Enter the number 561 to activate the bridge in the Akropolis Tower.

Level 2. Dryfield
The Factory
To move the car, press up then turn. Next press turn and down. The switch is located on the control panel on the wall in the factory. To open the door to Factory door use the magnet to move the key to the hole in the vent. Select the Key. The vent is located below the intercom.

Motel Lobby
To open the cashiers till in the motel lobby enter the numbers 3033.

Storage Room
To open the safe enter the numbers 4487.

Level 3. The Mine
To open Gate 1 in the mine put the plug in the second circuit from the top on the electricity board. To open Gate 2 in the mine put a plug in the top circuit hole in the electricity board and a plug in the bottom circuit hole.

Level 4. The Shelter
Sterilization Room
Jump into the dust chute when the room fills with gas. Select " Here goes nothing".

B4 Shelter
Enter the numbers 18 to open the Floodgate. Enter the numbers 15 to open the Full Moon Gate.

The Laptop password is A3EILM2S2Y. Correct answers are Mitochondria, Melissa Pierce, Mitochondrian Eve, ATP, FBI, Maternal gene, Crustacean, Mojave desert, Vector, H Klamp, Dryfield. You will be asked three questions. Select the correct three answers from the previous responses.

Level 5. Neo Ark
The Shrine
See the pictures in the walkthrough to line up the squares. This opens the door to Powerhouse A.

The Pyramid
Move the clock dial four times to match the designs. Stand on the colored squares in this order to open the door to the Powerhouse B. Red, yellow, Blue, White, Blue ,White, Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Yellow, Red. Stand on the colored squares to extend the bridge to fight the optional Stalker boss. Blue 6 times, White 2 times, Red 3 times, Yellow 5 times.

The Underground Parking Lot
To call the Elevator press the Red, Yellow and Green buttons. To call the Elevator and get the Electric car press Blue and Yellow buttons.


Black card:
The Black card is found in the garden (just north of the church; the door is on Aya's left in the room) This card does two things. First, it allows you to keep everything you find in the Akropolis Tower, except weapons and armor. Second, it is the keycard for the Armory in the shelter. The Armory includes unlimited P.B. hand gun bullets, Hydra bullets, and Buckshot. There is also a SP12 shotgun that can be obtained. The Black card is not referred to as the Armory card until you unlock the door on the right of the BP machine.

Belt Pouches:
When you are in Dry Field before you go to get a wrench from the junk yard keeper, you can find a Belt Pouch on the floor behind the counter of the Indian artifact store. When you get ready to leave the shelter in the parking lot, there is a box disabling the lift. The number 11 is glowing. That is were the box with the belt pouch is located.

Once you either get an "L" rank or get the Medicine Wheel from the garbage pile in the shelter, almost every other fight that you receive an item will result in a "bonus item", usually consisting of either 50 Spartan Rounds, or a Belt Pouch.

Hidden box:
After killing the garbage NMC, go back to the dumping area to find a box with the medicine wheel and NMCs on the way back to get even more BP. Note: You only have 5 minutes to get there and back.

Hidden capsule:
In the Akropolis Tower, at the place where you see Poseidon's Fountain, get rid of the water. Do this by putting the key that No. 9 dropped inside the church in the machine where you inserted the blue key with a feather attached on it (the power room where you get to see the hidden cameras). Then, get the grenade launcher from the dead S.W.A.T. member in the fountain. If you turn around, there will be a tree with red leaves. Press X and Aya will say that it is the only tree with red leaves. She then says that there is a path hidden behind it. Press X again and she will walk up behind the tree. You will find a capsule that restores all your HP and adds 5 more health points to your normal HP total.

Hidden Hydra ammunition:
Before you fight the Anmc in the Neo Ark, look to your left before going up the stairs. There will be a little passageway there. Go down the passageway, and once you get to the back you will find a wooden box. Inside is 500 Hydras for your gun you start off with.

After you fall down into the garbage area (in the shelter), walk to the side and search the garbage. Do not go too far or the garbage blob will appear. You will find 9mm or hydra bullets. Then, walk right across to get the other.

Hidden Ringer solutions:
Before you fight the Boss that is controlled by Eve, empty all your items/attachments in a box. Put everything in there except for the M4a1 hammer. After you go down the elevator in the Neo Ark, wait until you get in Eve's room. Once there, answer the phone when it rings. After that, pick up the phone and save the game. Do not worry if your HP is low. Then, speak to Kile and then go around the end of the bed. You will find all the Ringer Solutions you can carry -- get them now. If you go back over were the door is, you cannot get them. Put them in your attachments and them get some more. After that, continue with more Ringer Solutions. Note: A Ringer Solution will give you full life, no matter how much you currently have.

New P08 magazine:
When in the Dryfield cellar, check the gun cabinet near the table a few times. Eventually you will receive a Snail Magazine that can be used on the P08 to increase its capacity by 25 rounds. Note: You must have the P08 in your current inventory for this to work.

Saving MP:
Whenever you have enough experience to get a new PE ability, first go into a battle and use up all your MP or heal to use it up. Then, learn the new PE ability. You will get all of your MP back by leveling up.

Super combo:
Try using Pyrokinesis level 3, quickly followed by the Laser (Javelin) and then a three shot burst of M4A1 rifle bullets. This should all be done in quick succession to cause maximum damage.

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Parasite Eve 2 cheats

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Parasite Eve 2


One of the most potent parasite magic's is the pyrokenesis which does a greater damage than ordinary weapons and does knock back for 8-6 MP! (depending on the level) so use it as often as you like especially on hard monsters and bosses.
easy kill scorpions: just get them to group themselves in front of you and use the pyrokenesis, easy!
easy kill longnecks: on the mojave desert you will encounter those diehard long necked horse-thingies, how to kill them with a pistol? easy, just get them within the range of your pyrokenesis, blast em and shoot them while their down (usually takes 3 shots of burst fire to kill 'em).
easy kill bats: at 4-6 hit points a piece, they should be pathetically easy right? wrong THEY'RE TOO MANY! how to kill them easy? (i usually use Douglas' 100 shooter pistol to do this) just press and hold the shoot button (R1 for default) while continuously pressing the aim button (square for default).


message: during your mission on the acropolis building you would come upon a swat guy lying on a bench near the escalator, when you search him you will eventually get a vest from him, but what's so odd about it is that me and my bro both played the game and found out that both our vests where different! he got a vest with HP recovery while i have a stupid vest that prevents paralysis. i think the vests depends on how you played the game.

there are actually two outcomes during your battle with the very big fire-breathing monster (final boss of the dry hill scenario)
1.kill the boss (if it's face bleeds then he'll eventually die) and Douglas would ask you to visit him in his trailer, do that and he'll give you a 100 shooter pistol (sorry, forgot the name).
2.don't kill the boss (preferably use only your pistol) and Flint (the dog) dies, talk to Douglas and he'll tell you to search the trunk of green car in the junkyard, after exploring through the junk you'll eventually find a chicken plate. this vest is cool because it gives you 60HP, resist poison AND recover HP, though a down side is that it only has 5 attachments so now would be the best time to use your pouches.
to kill this boss without suffering great damage there is a sort of safe spot to shoot it, in the corner of your room and the laundry room (well, at least i think it's a laundry room) the only thing to worry about this place is dodging the boss' flames and being squeezed. 

Secret Weapons

When you get a high enough score at the end of the Replay game, or play the game enough times, a couple of killer weapons will show up at the stores the next time you play the game! I won't spoil too much, but I will give you one hint for one weapon. It was featured in a Final Fantasy game. (Maybe you can figure that out if you played final Fantasy 8.)

MM1 Grenade Pistol

This cheat is one of the best weapons in the game i'm about to tell you about getting. There is only one sure-fire way to get it. Now listen closly: you must save Flint(the dog), and, well, that's about it. you can only purchase it near the end of the game and it can fire out a whopping 12 grenades before you need to reload it!(Just be sure your enemy is taking a long nap before the MM1 is full again. Good luck affording it the first time through!

Get Different Modes

Bounty Mode & Replay Mode - get by finishing game with any character

Supportless Mode - Finish the game with a good ending

Deadly Mode - Finish game with Supportless Mode

Get FF8 Gunblade Weapon - Finish game with happy ending

Scavenger Mode - Get 69,001 in any mode

Nightmare Mode - Complete Scavenger Mode

Modes and Ratings

Finishing in Bounty Mode gives a +1 to your rating, finishing in Scavenger mode gives a +2, Nightmare gives a +3.  So if you finish Scavenger with a C rating you really get a A!


Rating Required Weapon(s) available in the shop Experience Needed


FF8 Gunblade, Ringer's Solution, Eau de Toilette



Hyper Velocity, Hunter goggles, MP Boost 2

200,001- 400,001


MM1, Airburst Grenades, Recovery 3

75,001 - 200,000


M249, .44 MaedaSP Rounds, Cola

72,001 - 75,000


.44 Mongoose, Magnum Rounds, Skull Crystal

69,001 - 72,000


AS12, R.Slug Rounds, firefly Rounds

66,001 - 69,000


Aya Special, 9mm Spartan Rounds, Lucky Card

62,001 - 66,000


Javelin, MD Player, Holy Water

57,001 - 62,001


Pike, Lipstick, Tactical Armor

51,001 - 57,000


Hammer, Belt Pouch, MP Boost 1

44,001 - 51,000


M203, Protein Capsule, 9mm Hydra

16,001 - 44,000


M9 Bayonet, M4A1 M Clip, Flare

14,511 - 16,000


Monk Robe, Medicine Wheel, Recovery 2

14,510 or less

Weapons List

This is the list for almost all of the weapons in the game! (notice I said ALMOST all of the weapons, I will not spoil the other few,)it goes as follows:

TONFA-A police nightstick looking thingy. Pretty much useless.


PO8-The most useless handgun in the game. Don't buy it.

MP5A5-The best 9 mil. weapons. High rate of fire and powerful flash.

P229-This thing dishes out critical hits like nobody's buisness.

M93R-A good,reliable starting weapon.

M950-A pistol that can fire contiuously. It's free if you save Flint the dog.


M4A1 ASSUALT RIFLE-Good damage and range. can use a number of attachments.(see M4A1 ATTACHMENTS for more.)

M249 LIGHT MACHINE GUN-One of the most powerful bullet based guns in the game.

M4A1 BAYONET-A knife that can attach to the M4A1.

M4A1 +1 AND +2-+1 EXPANDS THE m4a!'S AMMO TO 90, WHILE +2 ADDS IT TO 180.

M4A1 GRENADE-One of my fave attachments. Can load grenades to the M4A1.

M4A1 HAMMER-A rather large stun-gun for the M4A1. Ammo can be recharged for free.

M4A1 PYKE-A Flame-thrower attachment for the M4A1. Fuel can be filled for free.

M4A1 JAVELIN-Can fire spikes form the M4A1. A little too expencive to buy.


PA3-A horrible ammo capability and lousy rate of fire. The PS12 is better.

PS12-If you found the Black Card in the Arkropolis Tower, you are the MAN!!! this gun is the best Shotgun in the gume!

AS12-The ammo capibility is better than the the PS12, and rate of fire is great, but way too high to buy.(Reminds me of SYPHON FILTER 2's final weapon.)


GRENADE PISTOL-A great weapon for bosses. (Dino Crisis's Grenade Launcher?)

MM1-The ultimate bad-boy Grenade Launcher. Can fire a 12 grenade volly of greandes.


MONGOOSE-Rupart's big, bad handgun. You can get it on the loosing way near the end of the game, or in the replay mode.


HYPERVELOCITY-This has to be one of the most powerful weapons ever in a video game.  It is actually miniaturized Rail Gun!  It has to charge for at least 30 seconds before it can fire again, but the shot has tremendous stopping power. It takes a while to get it up on your shoulder (it weighs 881 lbs!),and the recoil is tremendous, but if you aim it right, you will kill any thing in one hit!

GUNBLADE-This is the Final Fantasy 8 weapon I was talking about.  It can only fire ShotGun shells, but it also has a blade to go with it. Try shooting it first, then slash next.  Big ouchies.

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Parasite Eve 2 cheats

- viewed 12028 times, this month 53 times
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