Bring Nature to Your Bedroom with Easy-to-Care Plants

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Bring nature into the bedroom by adding plants as part of your interior design. Plants offer a handful of benefits health-wise and style-wise. With a splash of green in your oasis, you can be sure you will always wake up on the right side of the bed.

Plants make bedrooms brighter

Plants are the ultimate style enhancers. They can beautify your bedroom on a larger scale. And yes, you do not have to bring in big plants to achieve the feat. Proper placement, after all, is an essential key that would make or break your effort of designing your bedroom with plants.

So, where should you place them for the best impact? There are strategic places in the bedroom where you can place your house plants. From the side table to your work desk, and sometimes by your bespoke wardrobes, you can choose these areas to accentuate with choice plants and instantly brighten up your room. Here are some house plants that are considered perfect for the bedroom and where to place them:

  • Snake plant. This low-maintenance plant is known for filtering indoor air from day till night. It also converts carbon dioxide to oxygen and specifically works hard during nighttime. You can place this at the bedside table or the bookshelf since it makes do with bright indirect light and an occasional splash of water.
  • Rubber tree. Add drama to your bedroom with this stunning plant with dark and glossy leaves, reminiscent of a forest feel. It can draw in a large number of air pollutants and would be a formidable sight at the vanity or your work desk. The rubber tree plant does not require too much light or too much water. It can thrive with moderate light and water once weekly.
  • English ivy. A sight to behold, this beauty can absorb air toxins, allergens, and mould. You can place it in the bathroom, the vanity, or beside the tub, as it does not require too much light. You need to water it regularly, though.
  • Monstera. With its unique, torn leaves, this is a must-have for any plant-loving individual. It can grow from medium to large and accentuates an empty corner nicely. Like most house plants, this one is low-maintenance and would only require weekly watering and a moderate amount of light.
  • Spider plant. A hanging plant is always lovely to cover up boring wall space. If you have such a space and want to beautify it, this certified air purifier is your best bet. After the initial growth, when it needs moderate to increasingly bright light plus lots of water, you can replace it in an obscure corner and just water it moderately.
  • Anthurium. If you want some blush into your bedroom, this blooming houseplant is the way to go. It makes for a lovely accent to colour up your space but still keeps it low-key, so it is not too invasive. You can place this in a spot you can often see, as it instantly lifts the mood. The anthurium plant is also very low-maintenance, requiring some bright light and occasional water.

There are various beautiful plants that you can bring into your room and bring a fresh vibe. And they are all lovely.

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