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“Wave” Light Fixtures a Big Success

In this branch of the financial institution “Duca” (a Canadian Credit Union) “Wave” light fixtures were used. It was a deliberate design motive to create a dynamic feel in this building. The Credit Union had its origins in the early 1950’s, and was founded by Dutch immigrants. The intent was to lend money to new immigrants to give… Read More »

Laminate Wooden Flooring

Laminate flooring has several advantages over Laminate Wooden Flooring. Therefore, it is currently more popular among consumers. Laminate flooring consists of four different layers. One of these layers is a design layer which determines the appearance of the floor surface. The design team is a photograph it makes laminate flooring looks very similar to a natural hardwood flooring… Read More »

Black and white floor Decorations

You can always choose black, if you want to make a beautiful and dramatic atmosphere in your home. Discover how you can get a lot of benefits between the two colors, and how you can maximize the effect of decoration. There is a rule decorations that each room could use a little black. You might think it’s a… Read More »

Stone and wood combination floor

Are you looking for a picture of a beautiful new living room floor to make good? Stone and wood combination floor is becoming more popular and affordable option for homeowners who want a floor that looks good and lasts for an abuse of an active family can dish out. Over the past two decades, progress in manufacturing technology… Read More »