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Bathroom Lightening Ideas

Bathroom Lightening Ideas We spend a lot of dollars on renovating our bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens because all of these places require some elements that help them make the centre of attention. Although, something very crucial that most of us forget to implement properly are the bathroom lights. If you are in the process of rebuilding your bathroom… Read More »

Chef’s kitchen

The Owner needs included a chef’s kitchen, obtained by enlarging the existing kitchen. The addition of a large family room, chef’s table, and spiritual room created an interesting program for composition. Laminated wood beams with insulated wood panels with tongue and groove wood paneling were utilized. The structure used the dramatic visual of the wood laminated beams resting on 100 mm… Read More »

Lighted Palm Tree Christmas

Palmer forming a wide variety of plants Pyracantha family. It is easy to detect the palm because of their unique unbranched frame. The leaves can be classified as pinnate or palmate leaves, depending on the type and the palm of their origin. They have a reputation for tropical plants, but a number of different types of palm can… Read More »

Candice Olson Lighting

When you need new lighting fixtures for home, where you shop? Many people prefer the traditional route and buy local department stores and specialty shops, lamp stores. Others find the bulbs at home without leaving home. Let’s take a closer pros and cons of buying bulbs locally and online. Brick and mortar stores When shopping for Candice Olson… Read More »

Wall Mounted Art Lighting as the New Concept of Lighting System

Wall mounted art lighting is about the special lighting system with the new improvement model, because the applying of fabulous art for the wall mounted. Therefore, it is better for you to check out all the light design with wall mounted art, because this is the new improvement of the lighting system with the special art design. You… Read More »