Your Last-Minute Guide To Lamp Shades

Don’t you want to add personality to your modern home décor through charming furniture?

Creating an ambiance that you’d love to come home to is a wonderful way to spend some quality time with your family or even by yourself. As a homeowner, your goal should be to create a home that reflects and inspires you and the only way to achieve that is by having the right grasp on what suits you best and what complements your interiors. With this last-minute guide, you can have a better grasp at the different lamp shades and decide which lamp shade makes a subtle statement for your interiors.

As we all know that there are multifarious options available in terms of colors, design, pattern, size, etc. for lamp shades, but do we take the shape into consideration when replacing or buying a new lamp shade for our room? Let’s look at different types of lamp shades that are purchasable today.


A hard lamp shade is originated from materials like paper or fabric which is laminated on by a plastic liner (commonly by a styrene). Such a covering is supported by two wire rings that are positioned on the upper and lower part of the lamp and the plastic liner is wrapped around these rings with hot glue.


A soft lamp shade is designed from patterned or plain fabrics with a dark colored fabric liner that is the inner layer of the lamp shade, making the patterned or plain fabric the outer layer of the lamp shade.




Your Last-Minute Guide To Lamp Shades - 01 Bell

A bell lamp shade has its sides curving and slanting towards the bottom of the shade. The curve is a bit sharp and titled towards the top and bottom corners of the lamp shade, making it look almost geometric in shape, but with slightly softer edges. Usually, most bell lamp shades are much compact at the top and the shape grows towards the bottom. Such lamp shades come under the genres of transitional and traditional home décor. It is perfect for anyone looking for an exemplified and royal lamp shade.


Your Last-Minute Guide To Lamp Shades - 02 Drum

A drum lamp shade looks exactly like a drum with no sign of a slope from top to bottom or the other way around. There are many variations in a drum lamp shade in terms of diameter, height and length. Many home designers tend to get very involved while picking a drum lamp shade as it comes in so many designs and sizes. They’re also known for distributing a supreme amount of light throughout the room, from ceiling to floor, no matter where you keep it in that room. These lamp shades reflect contemporary and modern home décor style.


Your Last-Minute Guide To Lamp Shades - 03 Empire

Most of the times you might confuse the empire lamp shade with the bell lamp shade as they resemble each others’ style and design. The empire lamp shade is also narrow on the top and much wider towards the base. Since natural light is an essential factor for productivity, the empire bell shade doesn’t tilt towards the bottom from the top, like the bell lamp shade. This lamp shade is more defined and straight from the top to the base. These extremely famous empire lamp shades reflect both transitional and contemporary home décor designs and are seen in most homes.


Your Last-Minute Guide To Lamp Shades - 04 Rectangle

Rectangle lamp shades offer a classy and sophisticated look. They come in a perfect rectangular shape and their shape is extremely flexible around any home décor furniture, making it a praiseworthy pick. Rectangle lamp shades are commonly used on bedside tables, dressers and as floor lamps. They’re also the best bet for excellent distribution of light across the room, especially if they are placed somewhere in the centre of the floor. Rectangle lamp shades reflect contemporary and modern home décor styles.


Your Last-Minute Guide To Lamp Shades - 05 Cylinder

Cylinder lamp shades resemble drum lamp shades, only these are more stretched in height. These shades are sharp with a trimmed and elongated body forming a perfect rolled up sheet of a lamp shade. Rectangle lamp shades are fashioned in a way that reflects modern home décor characteristic and imagination and they make a great piece of conversation if designed beautifully.

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