Tips You Really Got to Know for Buying a Sofa That Lasts

Sofas are really an important part of your home decor. A good sofa suits your other decorations and also comforts you, like a sofa bed. So you should take some time to watch those tips for buying a sofa that lasts.

What are the good qualities of a sofa and how will you be able to easily spot them? It’s very important to know the answer to this question, because when you’re planning to cough up a large amount of money for such a major piece of furniture, you want to make sure that it proves to be beneficial not only in the present times but also in the long run. And especially with a sofa, it’s so important and advantageous to be able to distinguish between a sofa that only looks good and one that also scores high on comfort and durability.

In our world today, whenever we even consider buying furniture for our home, especially large-scale furniture, we get choked with the number of options now available. But with so many diverse options comes the wonderful opportunity to know the good ones from the bad so you can easily be able to compare them in order to make the best purchase. To get moving forward in the sofa buying process, there are a few essential tips listed below that you should consider while buying a sofa.

The Frame

Tips for Buying a Sofa That Lasts - 01 The Frame

Affordable home décor options for sofa are the ones that are not only pocket-friendly but also last for a very long time; you’ll be surprised at their high durability quality. When buying a sofa, make sure that it is constructed of hardwood that is kiln-dried, like oak, maple, and poplar. The process of kiln-drying drains out all the moisture in the wood which eliminates the possibility of the wooden sofa frame cracking, squeaking and warping. It is highly advisable and useful to check the sofa manufacturer’s catalog to make sure that the wooden frame is held together not only by nails, staples or glue alone but also with the help of wooden dowels and corner blocks along with metal screws and brackets. This, obviously, extends the lifeline of the sofa.

The Springs

When you sit down on a sofa and it makes squeaking or creaking sounds, then it’s pretty evident that the springs under the sofa are poorly built, as a result of which they are pressing on the wooden frame of the sofa. Traditional home décor options for sofa are the ones that come with eight-way hand-tied springs that add the valuable comfort factor to the piece of furniture along with tough and sturdy characteristics. So stay away from sofas that have an uncomfortable and flimsy spring construction.

The Back

Tips for Buying a Sofa That Lasts - 02 The Back

Western home décor offers two types of sofa backs; a tight back and a pillow back. Pillow back sofas come with removable pillows or cushions whereas tight back sofas are the ones in which the upholstery is stitched into the contours of the sofa’s back. Normally, one would instantly be drawn towards a pillow back sofa due to its cozy and inviting appeal but a tight back sofa offers more sophistication and less maintenance as compared to its counterpart. In a fast-moving world, where we don’t have much time to thoroughly clean and carry out the maintenance process every now and then, tight back sofas are a great option as they come with tailored cushions that don’t require constant fluffing.

Textiles and Upholstery

Tips for Buying a Sofa That Lasts - 03 Textiles and Upholstery

While giving importance to the kind of print and look of the sofa, also keep in mind to focus on important factors like the textiles and upholstery. Sofas that are a part of traditional home décor are subjected to daily use so you might as well pick one that not only promises but has proven to be durable. Cotton and linen are the most favorable upholstery options to choose from so pick your favorite between these two. And when it comes to prints, woven printed patterns have a tendency to last longer than simple normal printed ones.

Cushion Fillings

Cushion fillings made of high resilient (HR) foam are a huge part of western home décor. They offer more comfort and don’t deteriorate as quickly as low-density foam when subjected to constant use. The cushions fillings to keep away from are goose-feather and duck-feather fillings as they have a tendency to form chunks due to daily use. One other affordable home décor option for sofa cushion fillings is conventional foam wrapped in polyester batting.


A beautiful sofa really shines your home decor. Long-lasting sofa will be cost-effective in the long run.

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