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Budget Decorating & Conversion Design Tips for your Kitchen

If the kitchen is in need of repair, and the family budget is not ready to take a punch, do not recommended wait until the summer, when the cost of repairs traditionally grows up to 30%. Winter has its own repair unpleasant specificity, for example, will be difficult to often ventilate the room in sub-zero temperatures. But if… Read More »

Splendid Simple Discount Dining Table of Oriental Theme

In eastern Asian countries, especially in Japan, the design of dining table is really different in comparison to what conventional table would look like. However, this distinct concept of design is a good bargain since it comes in smaller size, in sleek construction, that makes the price cheaper. A good example is this simple discount dining table, that… Read More »

Chef’s kitchen

The Owner needs included a chef’s kitchen, obtained by enlarging the existing kitchen. The addition of a large family room, chef’s table, and spiritual room created an interesting program for composition. Laminated wood beams with insulated wood panels with tongue and groove wood paneling were utilized. The structure used the dramatic visual of the wood laminated beams resting on 100 mm… Read More »