Budget Decorating & Conversion Design Tips for your Kitchen

If the kitchen is in need of repair, and the family budget is not ready to take a punch, do not recommended wait until the summer, when the cost of repairs traditionally grows up to 30%. Winter has its own repair unpleasant specificity, for example, will be difficult to often ventilate the room in sub-zero temperatures. But if between comfort and savings you are willing to choose the latter, you can do repair immediately after the New Year. We’ll show you some tips to the reduce the cost, but choose high-quality finishing materials and furniture.

Textured walls

As the proverb says, the best way to save on the finish – is to abandon it. If the kitchen walls are hiding a brick, or concrete wall, under a layer of wallpaper and textured plaster, immediately release it – against this background it will be easy to create a bright interior design.
If you are not so lucky with the walls, you can save by refusing of their alignment: simply deliberately apply plaster with sloppy strokes, and then paint. On an uneven wall will form good and tight budgetary vinyl wallpaper. Note that the large print requires adjustment, which means that materials on the design of the kitchen will take longer. From this point of view using the wallpaper with a small figure is more economical decision.


Durable floor

If you plan to replace the floor, just not worth saving on ties: because of poorly made work, floor will squeak. The best budget material for finishing – is linoleum. Today it is produced from environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials, and look of it is sometimes difficult to distinguish from expensive wood flooring. Another advantage of the linoleum – easy installation and maintenance: linoleum fits well even on uneven ground and almost doesn’t suffer from aggressive environment of kitchen.

Stylish ceiling

The best budget way to update the ceiling in the kitchen – get a primed surface and cover it with water-emulsion paint. Be prepared for the fact that the ceiling will have to be updated periodically – the paint is not too resistant to moisture. This decision is especially actual for new buildings: a few years later, after shrinking the house, the paint is likely to crack, but you will not regret about the investment in the repair.
As an alternative – you may clean off the coating of the ceiling and stick the wallpaper on it. Dense non-woven or vinyl materials will not only save money, but also create an original kitchen interior.

Budget Furniture

Buying kitchen units – always expensive part of the process of renovation of the interior, but there are some ways to save. For example, IKEA returns a portion of the money spent on the purchasing of the furniture on shares. And many of the major manufacturers make discounts if you purchase several pieces of furniture of the same brand.

Do not neglect the old furniture, if you have a few chairs from different sets, arrange them around the dinner table and decorate the kitchen with retro-details. Designers are often specifically searching for the old furniture in antique shops to create a vintage interior.


Patterned apron

Kitchen apron – it is the protection of the wall, above the work surface, from moisture and high temperatures – hence the high demands on the material, from which it must be made. The most economical option – apron made of MDF. However, giving a prefer to this option, be aware that such protection won’t last long – on the material may appear bubbles from heat.
Reasonable choice – covering the apron-area with the tempered glass . In addition to low prices, it is distinguished by ease of installation and wealth palette: in production can be made the apron of any shade, in a tone or with a pattern of UV printing technology.

We hope, this few free tips will help your home get its renovation and stylish design. Get inspired and create!

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