The Allure Of Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets and Advices You Should Know


You enjoy cooking&partying with your family outdoor. I know because I love it. Sonner or later you need a storage outside. It’s time to choose the outdoor kitchen cabinets that suit you.

Choosing outdoor kitchen cabinets can be a stressful affair. You are beset by the weather, taxed with the nature of how your cabinets will look to friends and relatives, and speaking of which you have outside critters and insects to worry about as well.

So we will show you pictures about Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets ideas, and give tips on how to find the right cabinetry for your outdoor kitchen.

In summary, basic principles you need consider:

  • Cabinets that can face the elements are supreme choices for the outdoors.
  • It is imperative that you get water-resistant material not to forget paints of the same cut.
  • Your outdoor kitchen cabinets need to have full boxes; no open tops. Dust to small insects can be kept out this way.
  • The quality of the cabinet’s insides should be top notch.

With initial steps like these out of the way, you can confidently move to the next most important choice.

1. The Steel Sensation

image002 Hands down, stainless steel is way superior to its galvanized cousin where outdoor kitchen cabinets are concerned. Stainless steel (SS) will be going into your drawer fasteners, slides, and help them endure in the outdoors better than other cabinet-based metals.

  • As kitchen cabinet ideas go, SS will match your BBQ grill. Kitchen cabinets for the outdoors mean a kitchen countertop there as well (duh) and that in turn must have a barbecue grill. Why else go through all this trouble.
  • In addition to being weatherproof and long lasting, SS also comes at a competent price (see below).
  • The rigidity (not flexible, mind you) of 304 stainless steel is unmatched for kitchen cabinets. Other types on the market may not always prove worthy.
  • Corners should invariably be welded. Alterations in decks/patios can tear them apart otherwise.

For the base cabinet, full doors included, you are looking at a nice $1000-$2000 bill, which is markedly cheap for kitchen cabinet stainless steel.

2. The Wood Wonder

image003 Alright, you simply must have wood going into your cabinet design but which one is worth the salt? Teak is your best outdoorsy buddy.

  • Not only does it look like something out of a classic novel, they bring outstanding outdoors value.
  • You will need to seal and reseal them with some swiftness, not to forget adding waterproof finish to the surfaces after.
  • It is a wise move to have teak cabinets custom-built. This will cost you a pretty penny but they are entirely worth it over the long term. You know what they say: ‘these cabinets pay for themselves’.
  • They need to fit the space you have outdoors for your cabinet set, countertop and grill, so customizing is the way to go. It will actually help you save materials and other costs.

Teak, while durable and classic, will need regular maintenance. Keep them refinished especially if they are exposed to the sun. It is absolutely important to refinish kitchen cabinets made of wood; this step is not to be taken lightly.

The price will, as you can imagine, vary based on who’s doing the selling. If it’s a friend, they may give it to you with a discount. If it’s wholesale, you can save a few bucks. If it’s retail, just sign the cheque and go home, you must be feeling awfully rich J.

3. The ‘Other Material’ Quandary

image004 You know you need stainless steel for your outdoor kitchen cabinets. You also know you can, as long as you are willing to maintain them and pay the slightly higher cost, use teak for your cabinets. But are there other options, perhaps cheaper and less flamboyant ones?

  • Marine grade polymer is an all-round practical choice.
  • Not only is it UV-resistant (no sunlight trouble with this one), the material is also watertight and super-easy to clean (you can literally hose the whole cabinet down).

Costing in the $500-$2300 range (full doors + base cabinet), marine grade polymer is often the go-to choice for those looking to buy the best kitchen cabinets for outdoor use.


So do you get what you want? Share with us your beautiful new outdoor kitchen.

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