5 Must Have Home Wall Decor Items For Your Bedroom 2016

Sprucing up your bedroom walls with meaningful and elegant home wall décor items is a great way to embark on a journey to increase productivity and elevate your home in 2016. With these small changes, you can de-stress in the most essential room of your home, you bedroom where you up yourself from the daily grind and difficulties. Your bedroom should be your rejuvenating spot where you drain yourself of all the negative energy and restore your calm for another day.

Most homeowners mistake home décor as something that is obligatory in the materialistic sense, which means that you purchase home wall décor items only to decorate your bedroom walls; they shouldn’t essentially compose a calm, open and creative atmosphere for you and the other members living in it. Living in a chaotic world brimming with diverse experiences and adversities, it is imperative that we take home décor more seriously and shape its meaning as it reflects our style and personality. The first place to begin embarking on this journey is in your bedroom, which is your sacred space. More than the space inside your bedroom, bedroom walls hold more context and charm; regardless of what rests inside the bedroom, if you’ve failed to appreciate the true potential of the walls, you’re clearly missing out on some amazing experiences.

In exchange of a brilliant bedroom, no matter how small or big, you should strive to make your room more inspired and spacious and the only way to do that is to have these 5 home wall décor items in your bedroom.


5 Must Have Home Wall Décor Items For Your Bedroom - 01 Wall Clock

The first most elemental requirement for a bedroom wall is a wall clock that stands out. All modern or tradition home décor styles have seen a drastic transformation in wall clocks from simple and minimal designs to metallic and printed illustrations. It is important that you have an unexampled wall clock for your bedroom positioned at a central location and can be seen from any corner of the room. You’re looking at a simple home wall décor item that displays the most crucial and exhausting aspect of life: time.


5 Must Have Home Wall Décor Items For Your Bedroom - 02 Triangle Mirror

With a triangle mirror, you opt for a modern way to add more valor and artful conception to your bedroom. This has become quite a famous home wall décor trend in 2016, especially for women in search of putting together a more creative and bold interior design for their bedroom. You can opt for an oversized triangle mirror positioned directly parallel to your bed or the window to bring in some light. The latter option is great solution for homeowners who find it difficult to get in more natural light in the bedroom because of small or few windows. While an oversized triangle mirror adds more drama on blank washed walls and it’s more beneficial because you get to see your whole outfit from head to toe, opting for a smaller triangle mirror adds more definition on blank walls. You can even contribute by wrapping the triangle mirror with string lights, enchanting flora, house plants, etc. to improve lighting and purify the air.


5 Must Have Home Wall Décor Items For Your Bedroom - 03 Wall Lettering

As simple as wall lettering sounds, it is the most practical way to cast a beautiful charm on your bedroom walls. Wall lettering is often confused with quote posters that we usually stick or nail to the wall. Wall lettering can be outlined with any material, fabric, string lights, flowers, etc. You can even use wall lettering as an excuse to introduce a unique and stylish headboard for your bedroom that you didn’t have before. And if you have one, consider it a headboard makeover. You can design or purchase a letter, a word or a small quote and hang it right above your bed, by the window or on the bedroom door.


5 Must Have Home Wall Décor Items For Your Bedroom - 04 Plant Wall Hanging

This is a great alternative for a headboard! You can make use of eucalyptus or any other fragrant plant to dress up your headboard space, slightly above the habitual position. With this accomplish a much better home wall décor appearance unlike the cut-and-dried concepts that look extremely monotonous and dull.


5 Must Have Home Wall Décor Items For Your Bedroom - 05 Bookshelves

Having a bookshelf as your home wall décor item for the bedroom is a must even if you aren’t an avid reader. It’s always on-point to stay a little geeky with your home décor style and bookshelves are a great way of achieving that.

How do you decor your bedrooms? What small decor items do you like? Share with us about any home decor ideas.

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