3 Loft Decorating Ideas for a Unique Home Decor

Good loft decor ideas will do magic to your home decor. As we all know that one of the most effective space saving hacks for tiny homes is building a loft. But what someone fails to realize is the fact that constructing a loft is not only a brilliant space saving solution but it’s also becoming a unique home décor attraction, in big as well as small homes.

A well-built loft can almost magically transform the look and mood of your home instantly, while also dividing your home space that provides additional room in order to create a cozy sleeping area, a library/study room, home-office space or just about anything you like. So it’s a pretty functional and stylish kind of a unique home décor idea that can and definitely will turn your home into a flexible and attractive place.

Building a loft in your home means high ceilings, industrial-inspired brick walls, large windows, combined with modern home décor elements that inevitably bring the kind of warmth and charm that every home needs.

The challenge is to make sure that you don’t try too hard to make your home look open unnecessarily and less compact, while trying to avoid cramming the bed, kitchen essentials, and living room all in one area. The perfect loft decorating idea for a unique home décor is one that makes the home space look sufficiently wide, open and bright with all the sunlight being able to stream in and all over the loft space while also striking a beautiful balance between modern home décor and functionality.

Once you’ve decided that you want to build a beautiful loft in your home, it’s time to think of many loft decorating ideas that will not only suit your personal and home décor sense of style but also prove to be beneficial and multipurpose to tally with your home needs.

Below are 3 brilliant loft decorating ideas to turn a unique home décor inspiration into a functional reality.

Simplistic Lofted Bed

3 Loft Decorating Ideas for a Unique Home Decor - 01 Simplistic Lofted Bed

Choosing a quiet and simple home décor design for a loft is not such a bad idea, as is believed, because simplicity does not eliminate the presence of beauty but, in fact, and to the contrary, enhances it even more. You automatically take the complicated techniques and elements out of the picture once you decide to build a loft that will only accommodate your bed. It gives you the gift of space and comfort along with a style that can make your home look even more spacious than it already is. The bedroom has a knack of taking up too much space in your home and that happens only because of the bed, so this is a great way of eliminating that problem altogether while also taking a step up, literally, towards unique home décor.

Super Small Private Lofted Apartment

3 Loft Decorating Ideas for a Unique Home Decor - 02 Super Small Private Lofted Apartment

This apartment is the perfect combination of industrial style with urban design and modern home decor. One would think about the lack of storage space that comes with a tiny apartment but when you have such a high ceiling, why not double up the storage and living space in a jiffy. Even an apartment as small as only 350 square feet can look as dreamy and as versatile like the one above. A super-cute bedroom, a spacious wardrobe, and all your precious books can fit in one place without looking congested and shabby in any possible way. Plus you have more than enough room to move around and enjoy the sunlight soaking in through the large windows.

Work Area on Top

3 Loft Decorating Ideas for a Unique Home Decor - 03 Work Area on Top

Everything’s so simple with this sensational and unique home décor loft design; keep your personal living space away from your professional one. With your desk and work area on the loft, you have all the space below for your other equally important home needs. You can add a beautiful recreational element like a hammock on the loft to give your formal space a fun and cozy look. With a loft like this, your large or small one-room apartment, with a high ceiling, of course, becomes a 2 to 3-BHK apartment. You get a spacious bedroom placed right in front of your sacred work space and a comfy living room below that along with a delightful kitchen area. And always remember that you can add additional storage space in the stairs of the loft, right from the bottom till the very top.

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