Romantic Bedroom Decor Ideas for Women

The bedroom is where we spend most of our lives in terms of hours of the day. This room should therefore be designed in a way that makes us look forward to a time when we can retire. Women can be extremely picky on how their bedrooms look so whether you are a man wanting to surprise you spouse with a bedroom make over or if you are a woman that just wants to try something new here are a few factors you will want to consider. You will need to strike a balance if you are a couple since the bedroom is a shared room. You do not want your partner to feel left out.

Be careful with Colors

Out of all the decisions you will need to, make when decorating your room, wall color could very well be the most important one. On the one hand you will need to pick a color that will appeal to both of you especially if you do not share a favorite color. You will also need to pick a color and hue that inspires calmness. The bedroom is not a place that you want to put a shouting color. This is because studies show that certain colors make it harder to fall asleep. The main reason for a bedroom is to sleep in so remember that. The wall color should also match with the furniture and beddings.


The Bed

It is called a bedroom for the very reason that the main piece of furniture in there is the bed. This means that whatever decorating you decide to do should be centered and dictated by the bed. Not all beds will fit into any theme. In fact this will rarely be the case. The type of your bed should be considered when picking out the theme for your bedroom. Additional furniture should also be chosen and arranged in the bedroom in consideration of the bed itself. You do not want to make the bed inaccessible or in a position where you have to move another piece of furniture just to get to the bed. You will therefore need to consider the size of your room and your bed when picking out extra pieces of furniture.


This is another factor that you absolutely must consider. The bedroom is supposed to be a warm room. Not hot and definitely not cold. You will therefore need to be very careful when picking out the beddings since they could make all the difference. You should also put the bed near the window but not too close.

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