Bedroom Ideas for Your Teenage Daughter

Teenage girls can be very picky on the type of room that they want and if you get it wrong you may be getting an earful from them when you are done. If they are introverted type then you will be rewarded by them mopping around the house as punishment for the terrible crime you have committed. A girl’s room is her safe haven and you do not want to mess around when designing it. The lucky thing is that there are many cool Ideas for girl’s bedrooms for you to pick from. The execution however must be on point if your daughter is ever to love it.

Picking a Theme

This is probably the most important step of the process because this will be the guide for all else that is to follow. The theme of the bedroom should reflect the personality of the teenager in question. You do not want to give a island or beach themed room to a girl who is more inclined to gothic art and rock music. They would end up mad at you for not taking the time to understand them. Some will even assume that you just do not care. You need to be very careful with those hormones acting up. The easiest way to get it right when picking the theme for a room is by asking your daughter. It may be your house but make no mistakes about it, it is her room and she should have a say in how it ends up looking. Many parents make the mistake of assuming that they know what their daughters want and in the end the whole experience is ruined and this may not easily be fixed.


Cool Colors

Another major aspect of a teenager’s room is the color. As previously mentioned, girls can be extremely picky. The best thing to do is find out what her favorite color is and find a way to work it into the overall theme of the room. You will also want to consider the rest of the furniture and the fabrics that will be going into the room and find a color that works with them as well in completing the theme.

Give her Space

The last thing you will want is to fill up a girl’s room such that she does not have space for her things. Girls are relatively neater than boys and will want to arrange their things in order. This means that you should leave the arrangement of the room to your daughter so she feels that it is hers.

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