Teenage Bedroom Ideas, Making a Small Space Seem Large

When it comes to teenage room ideas the mere thought is enough to make any mother cringe, especially if you’re dealing with a small space. As mother’s everywhere know, it’s difficult, sometimes impossible to please a teenager when you’re attempting to redecorate their domain under the best of circumstances, let along when the room is on the small side. But it doesn’t have to be a hair-raising experience for either of you if you just follow a few basic guidelines for teenage room ideas:


Personal Style and Balance

Say you have a teenage girl and she has her heart set on a canopy bed. Well, usually teens will favor a contemporary look which is fairly easy to deploy in a small area. But if your teenager prefers a more traditional or even eclectic style, don’t worry because that can be done too. Now if you take the canopy bed. The secret to getting the most out of a small room is to consider proportion. If a canopy bed is what your teen’s been dreaming about, then let her have it, just remember to downscale the size of the other furniture and keep the design clean and simple. There’s one problem solved with one of many teenage room ideas that can help to make the redecorating process easier. Also, if you’ve decided to go contemporary, and since most teenagers seem to like a modern style with bold colors and patterns go ahead and let them have it. It won’t clash with the contemporary style’s normally clean lines.


Multifunction Furniture and Bold Colors

If you’re dealing with a small teen bedroom keep in mind as one of your teenage room ideas that furniture that has more than one uses can really come in handy. If your teenager has a TV in their bedroom, you can try hanging it up on the wall rather than letting it stand on a dresser. In case your teenager has a large closet, and the room seems quite small because of it, maybe they can eliminate a dresser and/or wardrobe. Consider underbid storage instead, and convert to wall-mounted shelving rather than using bookcases. Another great suggestion is that you could put a sofa or day bed in your teens room. They’d probably love it. Of course they won’t fold up the bed and put it away every single day, but maybe you can persuade them to give it a whirl at least once a week, on cleaning day.

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