Teen Bedroom Ideas That Won’t Leave You Climbing the Walls

Teenagers are constantly changing the decor in their bedrooms; from punk rock to gothic, to anything goes. Teenage room ideas can be a continuing source of conflict between parents and their children, but when it comes time for an all out redecorating, take a deep breath and be prepared to compromise. Here is a list of some suggestions that both you and your teenager will like when decorating your teen’s bedroom:


Color-Coordinated Bedroom

Because of their age and all of the different styles and concepts they are being exposed to teens’ preferences are subjected to fast changes. That’s why the best teenage room ideas may be no particular idea or theme at all. Just let them select a color scheme and then run with it. If they want to hang posters, plaster pictures of their friends and fun times over part of the wall, why not? Give them the leeway they need and both of you will be much happier than if you spend time arguing over what matches and what doesn’t, what looks good and what they might want to reconsider, etc. As long as the colors on the wall and the rest of the room don’t clash, let them make the chaos they want. After all, it’s their room and they’re going to have to live in it, not you so don’t be too rigid.

Music Legends Bedroom

If your teenager is really into music and likes to listen to a lot of different singers and groups, then you could give this teenage room idea a shot. Regardless of whether they’re fans of one particular group or type of music, or go in for a whole variety of musical styles it doesn’t really matter. All you have to do to create a music legends bedroom is locate a few autographed concert posters or banners to hang on the walls; do a little online research and find interesting news articles about their favorite singers or groups, then print them out and frame them to hang on the walls or even stand about the room, and add some memorabilia from their favorite stars and you’ve transformed the room without having to spend hardly anything at all.


The Great Outdoors

For the teenager who is wild about the outdoors, there are plenty of options for a fabulous teenage room idea. How about a woodland scene? First you should go with earth colors, such as greens, browns, taupe and oranges for the walls and bed clothes. Put up pictures of your teen doing some of their favorite outdoor activities; playing sports, hiking, mountain bike riding, whatever it may be. You could even have a professional come in and paint an outdoor mural on the wall.

These are just a few suggestions for you and your teenager to hopefully be able to redecorate their bedroom without it turning into WWIII. What you have to remember above all else is that it is your teen’s room. You don’t get to force your own personal taste on your child. Naturally there are times when you have to step in and draw the line; the all black wall with lightning strikes for example, but in general let them have what they want and enjoy their room. Their own personal retreat from the world.

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