Wild, Wacky and Colorful Teen Bedroom Ideas

Teenage room ideas are especially difficult to come up with because teens are both so changeable and so particular about their surroundings. But it’s always a safe bet to use bright, fun accents and a lot of imagination. While teens normally don’t like to stand out among their peers, they don’t mind doing so when it comes to their bedrooms. That’s why a tropical island bedroom is ideal. In this room you can give yourself free reign with bright colors. If you’re looking for a general theme, then a flower design splashed throughout the room adds a fun, exciting look to your teenage room ideas. You can even have large, bold flowers on the window shades with a bright background.


Also, it might be a fun idea to paint the walls different colors, like pink, yellow, even a pale blue, as long as they are subdued and don’t distract from the other parts of the bedroom meant to be bold and seen. There’s the bed which can have bedspread with a tropical pattern on it, and a set of brightly colored pillows at the headboard, with designs such as a seaweed pattern, the tried and true flowers, and even maybe a palm tree with coconuts. Coming up with teenage room ideas is starting to sound like fun, right? Some of the furniture can be painted white in order to give the eye a breather from the shock of so much color crammed into what is probably a small space. The key is not to have all white furniture. Some of it can be painted in a bold color, like dark pink or deep blue.

If the bed has a headboard at the top and foot of the bed it should be painted white so as not to clash with the bright colors which are covering the bed, and the floor can be left bare on the edges with the bed standing on a swirled carpet of pink and white and blue. So much for teenage room ideas having to stick with any certain pattern. You have the opportunity to let your imagination run wild, so let it! Color is nothing to be afraid of. Bold patterns are just fine. Even if you normally wouldn’t put certain colors together, give it whirl. It might surprise you by being just what the room needed. When your teen’s friends see this room they’ll be shocked and are sure to want one just like it. It makes a wonderful statement about the beauty that can result from bringing the tropical islands inside. And you don’t have to worry about getting sunburn!

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