Cool Bedroom Ideas for Your Dream Bedroom

We spend somewhere around 8 hours a day, 365 days a year sleeping. That’s why when you are looking for some cool bedroom ideas you should keep in mind just how much time you actually spend in there. It’s a lot longer than you probably think. In view of that fact, why not give yourself the bedroom of your dreams? Here are some suggestions to help you get started:


Color and Seating

Blue and white is one of the most popular color combinations for bedrooms. The blue gives off an aura of serenity and calm, while the white walls blend naturally with any other color choices you make and add that crisp, clean feeling to a room. Now there’s room for some other colors like greens in the bedspread and the colors of the throw pillows too, while a nice painting above the bed can be just about anything you want. Keep the design of the bed itself simple and the furniture in the room should also have clean simple lines to it. Don’t forget that seating in a bedroom is a very important cool bedroom idea. It can give a room that warm, inviting feeling, so a couple of chairs placed strategically about the room will do wonders for the atmosphere. However, don’t let the furniture become a clothes horse. Avoid placing chairs near closets and dressers if possible so that you won’t be tempted to just undress and toss your clothing onto them.


The View Matters and so Does the Lighting

If you have a pleasantly large master bedroom with a lovely view outside your window, then always be sure and place the bed so that you get the most out of this wonderful view. And if you’re going for the natural look, a stone fireplace at the foot of the bed will keep you toasty and warm all winter long. Natural wood on the walls will give the room a cozy enclosed feeling, and you can add some touches of color all about to ensure that it has a pleasant cheer to it as well. You could also add exposed ceiling beams to complete that rustic look. Something else to consider for one of your cool bedroom ideas is the lighting. Try to avoid overhead lighting if at all possible in favor of bedside lamps or sconces. Another good suggestion is to have dimmers on all the lights so you can lower the degree of brightness for reading or just lounging in bed. Another one of the things that you should keep in mind for your cool bedroom ideas is to use plants. A palm placed in a corner or a rubber tree plant can serve to fill up an empty space, plus plants add color and warmth to a room, so place a few here and there and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

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