Some Fairly Ordinary, But Pretty Cool Bedroom Ideas

Decorating the bedroom can often prove to be difficult, and the success or failure of your efforts the ultimate test of your marriage. But if you take your time and give careful consideration to the matter at hand, you can come up with some really cool bedroom ideas. At first you may find yourself completely baffled; without a clue as to where to begin. Sure, you’ve redecorated the dining room and living room, tackled a little remodeling in the kitchen, but the bedroom … Well there was that new bedspread you bought last year … Okay, so anyway, start by giving some thought to what really goes on in the bedroom, uh, besides that. In other words, what do you like to do there. Watch TV? Ok. That’s a good place to start. Here’s a tip. If you want to get a larger television, it doesn’t have to stand guard at the foot of the bed. One of the really cool bedroom ideas is to hang it on the wall instead. That way you save some space.


Also, you know that every bedroom should have a night table beside the bed. If you wear glasses, like to polish your fingernails in bed, or just enjoy reading, it’s a great place for laying odds and ends or stacks of books. If your bedroom is a large one you might even opt for two night tables, one for each side and a floor lamp rather than traditional lamp on a bedside table. If you retreat to your bedroom for solitude and solace, then subdued coloring on the walls is essential, and the furniture should be kept to a minimum, so that the room’s restfulness is not disturbed by clutter. Now when you’re thinking up your really cool bedroom ideas, something to keep in mind is that redecorating a bedroom is about more than the room itself and what goes into it. It’s also about the bed, and purchasing all new bedclothes, including pillows. A nice, firm mattress, even the comforter. Sure it can be expensive. The price of a mattress alone is enough to make your wallet start screaming. But it’s worth it. Refresh everything that is part of your bed and you will find that you yourself feel brand new every time you slide between the new sheets.

One more of these cool bedroom ideas is that you don’t have to have only soft lighting in the bedroom. For the purpose of just relaxing and chatting with your parter, or lounging about watching TV together, soft lighting is great, but there are times when you are going to actually want to see what’s around you. So don’t be afraid to use bright lighting when necessary. Take advantage of both forms of lighting and use them whenever needed. If you make the above changes you will find that your bedroom can look like new, without having to spend an excessive amount or sacrifice comfort in the interest of savings.

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