Bedroom Ideas for Women That Aren’t Based on Traditional Assumptions

As we all know there’s a lot more to adding character to a bedroom than simply keeping it neat and clean. That’s why bedroom ideas for women tend to differ so much, because they also reflect the personal style of the woman. It’s also why it’s important for a woman to be able to create her own style of bedroom, to add that personal flair. Now if you start off with the color of the room, don’t automatically assume that a woman would want a soft, cotton candy pink, blue or white shade. Some women actually like bold colors and are willing to experiment with them. In fact, for some it is a case of the bolder the better. Also, not every woman likes lace and frills, so beware if you are going to use them in your bedroom ideas for women. They can be pretty, but end up being controversial because some women find them too feminine.


That’s another assumption that designers often make about women in general, that they are going to automatically fall in love with any room that looks super feminine. Actually it’s more likely that they will have the opposite reaction. Overkill can get you killed. You might actually try a nature print, something that normally seems more male oriented. A safari style, or one with vivid pictures of lions or tigers, even giraffes are great. Another idea is to go with a winter print that has lots of snow, wind, and some wolves. Bold lighting is another way to go in your bedroom ideas for women. In this case, don’t hide your light under a bushel, but let shine on down, directly from the ceiling above and right onto the bed. You might even want to try a skylight if you’re really daring and don’t think you’ll end up hating yourself for it in the morning. Although you could blunt the skylight by having half of it be a design of some type, like a length of ivy for example. If you want to forgo the skylight, you could actually use glow in the dark paint to put stars on the ceiling and maybe even paint a moon.

Also, canopies are always in style in bedroom ideas for women, and as long as it doesn’t clash with your new color scheme it should turn out just fine. You might want to add a long, silky curtain draped about the back of the bed for extra effect if you want to go this way. And plush carpets are always nice and provide that wonderful soft feel that is so great on bare feet. Men don’t always appreciate this feeling the way a woman does.

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