Inspiring Pool Design Ideas for Small Backyards

What’s better than a pool in your backyard? Maybe another pool! Want to build a real refreshment in your small backyard for hot summer days? The answer is staring right in the face.

You don’t need to have a huge space in order to fit a pool in your small backyard. All you need is an idea, a brilliant, creative and inexpensive home décor idea.

Despite having limited spaces, many homeowners go all out when it comes to making their home exteriors look as beautiful as the interiors. Smart-shaped pools can do a lot more than just saving space. They look attractive and unique, thus give the homeowners a reason to step out and get some fresh air. Below are some great pool design ideas that will make your small backyard look bigger than you think it is.

Go Long

Pool Design Ideas for Small Backyards - 01 Go Long

Pools don’t necessarily have to be built how they’ve always been built. Why not be a tad creative and flexible when it comes to building a swimming pool in a small backyard!

Many modern home décor ideas have been inspired more by functionality and less by superficial beauty. So it comes as no surprise when these kinds of clean, contemporary and structured pools are constructed in small backyards. It looks like an extension of the house, transforming the entire look of the backyard. The long shape of the pool ensures that there is enough distance between your laps, without compromising on your passion for swimming as a sport. So even though you’re not swimming in a giant public pool, the lengthy design still gives you the opportunity to swim like a pro.

Such realistic and practical home décor ideas have the ability to add the perfect amount of appeal and style that every small backyard needs in order to look less congested and more attractive. Plus, an extra-long, rectangular pool is slowly becoming a classic that will never make your backyard look shabby so don’t be afraid to build a pool that is as small as even 9 by 30 feet.

Shapely Curves

Pool Design Ideas for Small Backyards - 02 Shapely Curves

Here’s another set of home décor ideas that small backyards simply won’t be able to resist. There’s nothing more space-saving than this curvy-shaped pool that looks as tempting as any large pool in the world. Break free from the conventional rectangle-shaped pool design for your home with this gorgeous and inexpensive home décor idea.

There are shapes like circular and semi-circular combined with other irregular shapes that are slowly gaining momentum and going beyond the classic rectangle-shaped pools. Curvy-shaped pools, as compared to the rectangle-shaped ones, replace the modern characteristic found in the latter with the ultimate dreamy and warm ambiance that we all are so crazy about. Curvy-shaped home décor ideas for swimming pools add an element of tropical fun in a small backyard. In fact, the smaller the backyard, the more tropical you can make it look.

And in order to make the curvy-shaped swimming pool look slightly bigger, make sure you pick the perfect lighting. So think twice when you don’t want it to be curvy because being curvy is not necessarily a bad thing.

Deep Dives

Pool Design Ideas for Small Backyards - 02 Deep Dives

When you want to go even smaller than the small swimming pool home décor ideas listed above! One would think what could be smaller than those inspirations and the answer is a plunge pool: a small yet deep swimming pool in an even smaller backyard. And even the tiniest backyards can fit this size oh-so-proudly. Plunge pools don’t need too much space as they require very little square footage in order to be constructed properly. Their main focus is the depth, unlike the classic rectangle and circular or semi-circular shaped pools, in which more importance is given to the width and length.

Also, it’s an inexpensive home décor swimming pool idea that will add lots of appeal to your small backyard. You can easily opt for plunge pool instead of a Jacuzzi as the latter requires a lot of maintenance which is a very difficult thing to do, given our busy schedules.

Now with so many unique and contemporary ways to relax in style outdoors, who would want to go back inside the house! And don’t forget to share with us your beautiful pools.

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