Luxurious and Sensual Decorating Ideas for your Master Bedroom

What do you want from your master bedroom? Probably a lot more than you’d expect from an ordinary bedroom. You want the obvious, comfort and that sense of safety and security, but you also want that sense of an exotic retreat that welcomes you with open arms. Well, here are some cool bedroom ideas for decorating your master bedroom inexpensively, but with style and flair:


If your master bedroom has lots of room then you should add plenty of seating. Wing-backed chairs in bright colors will add a nice touch to a room with a neutral wall. And you can even go with a lounge chair since you have the space. Remember that it’s the seating in the bedroom that can add that warm and inviting feeling. One hint though, don’t let the chairs become clotheshorses by dropping your clothes helter skelter on them as you undress. You want the room to keep a neat appearance. To help you with that, place the chairs away from your closet and dressers so it won’t be so tempting to fill them with your clothes.

If you want to go in for the sensual look, then add lots of red to your neutrally toned bedroom. If your bedspread is also neutral then add red satin throw pillows and select some chairs in shades of red to brighten up a neutral carpet and wall.


Positioning the Bed

Another one of our cool bedroom ideas is to always place your bed in an area where you can make the most use of the view outside. This works especially well if you have large windows in your bedroom and a vast view outside to appreciate. Also, if you have wooden beams on your ceiling and have opted for that rustic look it’s a fantastic idea to install a natural stone fireplace right at the foot of the bed. Instant coziness and not a bad sight to wake up to on a cold winter morning.


Here’s another idea that ranks right up there with cool bedroom ideas. It’s really something most of us never think about. Give your bedroom lots of attention while you are decorating or redecorating it. In general people tend to think of the bedroom as a place to sleep, or to simply hide out from the rest of the world. So it gets neglected even when it’s being decorated because it’s not considered as important as the rest of the house and you can put off decorating it properly until you have more time, or money, or patience. Give your bedroom the same love and care you do the rest of the house.



When you are contemplating what kind of lighting you want in your master bedroom, it’s another one of our sure fire cool bedroom ideas to suggest that you put relaxation top on your list. Forego overhead lighting for bedside lamps and crystal sconces. You don’t want harsh lighting interfering with that calming, easy feeling you cultivate in your bedroom. You can also be certain to have dimmers on all your lights, so you can turn the lights down when you just want to lounge in bed and watch TV or are in a romantic mood.


One last suggestion. If you really want to give your bedroom a new look, the best way is to replace the bedclothes. Buy new sheets in a color that matches the room and a new bedspread too. You’ll be surprised at how much these simple steps can transform a bedroom.

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