Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Women

Bedroom ideas for women are very important because they are more than just decorations; a woman’s bedroom is an expression of her personality. Now if you have a small bedroom it might appear to be a decorating challenge that you just aren’t up too, but what an opportunity to turn your room into an intimate and comfortable retreat, not just from the trials and tribulations of the day, but from life. An escape that you’ll look forward to coming to at the end of every day. Here are some suggestions on just how to do this:


Keep Furniture Down to Size

When you are working with limited space in a bedroom it’s important to decorate the room with furniture that is the right proportion for the size of the room. Do not cram the room full of furniture, because it will only make it appear to be even smaller than it is. And don’t use overstuffed pieces because they can leave the room feeling cramped. Just keep your furniture to scale and only utilize pieces with clean lines for your bedroom ideas for women.


Use a color you are absolutely crazy about to paint your bedroom walls. No it does not have to be white. Somewhere along the line of bedroom ideas for women the false assumption arose that if you have a small bedroom then it must be painted in white to make it appear larger. Just white. That’s the only choice. Well, that is certainly not true. If you want your room to feel energized as well as welcoming and warm, then shades of green are the way to go. They’ll wake up all that untapped energy lying in wait in the room.

On the other hand if you’re interested in creating a soothing and relaxing retreat then shades of blue are definitely the way to go. Actually, more bedrooms are painted in blue than you’d think because of its calming effect.

If you want all the light you can get then yellow will add brightness and warmth to your bedroom. Kind of like having your own personal sunshine around you all the time, even when you have the lights on in the evening.



Hang curtains that will give the room an open and spacious appearance for your bedroom ideas for women. If you want to add to that a sense of even more space, then hang the curtains near the ceiling and on the outside of the window frames to increase that feeling of airy brightness. And sheers are always good if you want to create that light and romantic look.

Once you allow your imagination to spark there’s really no limit to what you can to for your small bedroom and without having to rob a bank to be able to afford it.

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