Best Assorted Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

The sky is not the limit. That phrase applies best to home decor in general and other grand decoration themes. Where kitchen cabinet ideas are concerned, there are multiple selections out there, several hundred in fact, but not a lot that will suit the modern homemaker.

Practically speaking, budget is the deciding factor. You can apply ballroom flair to your cabinets but are they really worth the cost, which will be way up there? Will the cabinets be easy to maintain or refinish, if the need arises?

These and other long-term questions are smart and clever ways to save money while getting the best kitchen cabinets you can have for your cooking space.


image001 Depending on which country you are from, the theme and color choice will vary for traditional kitchen cabinets. However, one thing remains steadfast, that these are the most sought after and loved by a larger group of people (including relatives, friends, guests, and visitors) than any especially customized theme.

Granted, this is not always the most versatile kitchen cabinet theme. With traditional setups, they balance themselves with an established series of designs and color codes that may be upset if you happen to introduce something modern or otherwise into the design mix.

However, it’s exactly that sort of self-balance and auto-completion that simplifies your workload and selection stress.

The Early Days

image003 Have you often wanted to relive times gone past, like the 60s or the late 70s? Have you wished for one small space in your home that will reflect that day and age, a place where you can in some small way enjoy that season from the past?

You can apply that theme to your kitchen cabinets, with of course some modern flair and appliances that people did not enjoy back then. What you will then have is a superbly merged and evolved theme that has one foot in the classics and one in present day.

Color choices, design themes, and other elements will need professional aid for you to figure out what will look good as well be easy to maintain for years on end.


image005 Similar to the traditional theme, this one is more universal and is ideal for the working homemaker who knows she will not spend too much time at home or in the kitchen. A simple down to earth theme with all the practical touches required, appliances and conveniences included, could save you plenty of time and money.

You can ease your cleaning schedule as well while enjoying something appealing by modernity standards. Even if you happen to have friends and family over, they will find the simple modern theme easier to access and work with, even in your absence.

What if someone stains a traditional theme and does not know how to clean it up in time? What if an early day’s theme makes some people feel, for lack of a better word, nauseous? A modern theme for your kitchen cabinets simplifies the whole deal and does not draw attention to itself; conservative women, take note.


image009 This is grander, open to vast customization possibilities, and can be worked in several layers to get a wonderfully bizarre, ultra-appealing, fascinating, and an ‘into the future’ theme.

Don’t get too excited. Even if you are quick-witted enough to craft a design with LED lighting, the cost of a future-based theme will be up in the high margin. Some ideas will be easy to maintain while others, not so much.

This theme is geared more toward impressing others than anything practical. If you feel at ease in such a setting, your kitchen cabinets will prove practical and only after you have selected the right appliances and have them positioned in accessible spots. When it comes to the cabinet doors, drawers, and shelves, keep them simple else, you will find working in this space a chore 🙂


Tell us which one do you like best. So we can continue providing kitchen cabinet ideas.

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