How To Give A Child The Necessary Active Development: Montessori Arches

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The arch combines a variety of play equipment in the children's room. Arches — often also called montessori arches — are used for rock climbing and gymnastics. Many of them indeed depend on the imagination of the children at play. Nevertheless, depending on the shape, children can rock or roll with them — do everything they want. In addition to gymnastics, most arches offer much more playability. All this brings a lot of pleasure and perfectly trains the motor skills, agility, balance, and strength of little climbers.

Space, however, can be a potentially complex topic. On the one hand, most climbing arcs take up a lot of wallet space because they aren't cheap to buy. On the other hand, most models require a lot of space in the nursery. Parents should be aware of this before purchasing.

What is the Montessori Arch

Perhaps you have a little monkey at home that tries to climb not only on sofas and chairs but also on hangers, shelves, and cabinets with drawers and is also very skillful. It makes sense here to intelligently manage the huge climbing demand and provide a safe climbing ability.

One of them is the increasingly famous Montessori arch. It has the shape of a curved staircase, along which the child can first go up and down only from one side and then ultimately take possession of the arch.

You should keep it in mind before buying

Before you buy a Montessori arch, think about these things:

Age. You can use a variety of climbing bows shortly after birth. With a couple of small stuffed toys or hand bands and a couple of ropes, you can make a play arch out of it. The child will then gradually grope their way to climbing or use the climbing arch for their first attempts to stand up.
  • The size. Lifting bows can be quite large, depending on the type of construction. Smaller models are only about 50 cm long. The nursery must have a lot of free space so that kids can play with it.
  • Material. All manufacturers agree on the primary material. All arches are usually wooden. It is the best material for kids' furniture.
  • Design. Manufacturers do their best to keep the design very simple. In almost all cases, the arches are of natural timber color.

What is the advantage of such equipment? The foremost benefit is that the arch develops complete motor skills, including balance and coordination of the arms and legs of the baby. Furthermore, a child who is allowed to meet their climbing needs at an early age is more likely to have fewer altitude problems later on, as they have had the experience that even higher altitudes can be climbed step by step — and that you usually go down the same path. Extensive climbing also gives a good dose of confidence.

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