How to install an inground basketball hoop in your yard

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If it is not possible to organize  a special area, you can simply place a hoop  in  the dirt area.
In this case, the bounce of a  ball will not be so strong. An important requirement for safety: the surface must be flat, without holes and bumps.And no grass. The dimensions of the site depend on the characteristics of your yard . A full size basketball court measures 94 x 50 feet. However, not everyone has the opportunity to build such a site. It is necessary to take into account the technical features of the game.

The three-point line in basketball is 22 feet from the rim. Therefore, it is necessary that the size of the court be a minimum of 33 × 42 feet. If you don't want to practice 3-point shots, a 16 x 16 -feet court will work. If you're setting up a basketball court for kids, make the markup bright so that it cheers up and attracts attention. For the game of teenagers and adults, it is better to immediately apply technically correct markings.

Place a small fence or protective net on the site so you do not have to constantly run after the ball to the other end of the site. Pay attention to the materials from which the racks are made. The inground basketball frame will be outdoors throughout the year, which means it must be made from reliable materials. It is better to buy it from reputable manufacturers. So, the American companies  guarantee high quality, durability and safety and provide great customer service just in case. There are four types of materials from which the shield surface is made: composite, polycarbonate, acrylic and tempered glass. 

The first one is the cheapest. It is designed for entry level players. Now manufacturers offer a large selection of colors. The carbonate shield will provide good ball bounce. An acrylic shield is bought to hold competitions or intense games. Choose rings made from high quality metal to last for many years. For a game involving adults and teenagers, rings net should be better made of metal chain. It is  durable and strong.

It is better to entrust the installation of the inground basketball hoop to professionals. Installation of the structure takes place in two stages. The first is concrete work. We recommend doing area markup to be 100 %  sure  the site is safe to dig the hole. After the concrete is poured and the fasteners are mounted in it, you need to wait for  3-4 days until the concrete hardens. Next comes the assembly of the frame, basketball hoop and accessories. After assembly, adjustments are made and
you can start exercising

Curtains can protect against rain and UV rays from the active sun, as well as insects. In addition, they can also turn the gazebo into a private space. When open, the curtains can be tied to cover the posts, giving the gazebo a more luxurious look. Be aware that additional accessories such as curtains or netting may need to be removed during or after wet or windy conditions to prevent damage, dampness or mold. The double roof design provides better airflow without losing protection. These gazebos have a roof with a small gap at the top for fresh air to enter. The second part of the roof covers the main roof so that rain and snow do not fall into the gazebo. 

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