How To Move During The Coronavirus?

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The outbreak of Coronavirus infection shocked society to the core. People we scared and confused. They locked in their homes, forgot about travels, and changed their behavior completely. But life goes on, and you can't put off the important decisions and business endlessly. The same holds for moving: people continue to buy homes and move from one state to another despite the pandemic. At this link you can see the situation from the inside and want to share this experience with you

Safety and Ethical Issues of Moving During the Pandemic

Coronavirus is extremely contagious, but every reliable company takes necessary measures to disinfect the equipment and reduce the risk to a minimum. If you still have doubts, call the movers in your region and ask them what safeguards they practice. They should at least require wearing a mask and have strict standards of work organization, considering the social distance. Trustworthy movers will describe their security protocols.

Ethical aspects shouldn't worry you if you hire professional services. As we mentioned, they usually take the protection of their stuff seriously, and moving is safe for all participants. But if you choose to use freelancers' services, consider all associated risks. You should control the distance and other safety issues yourself in this case.

Necessary Protection Measures

Don't think that you can leave home only in a spacesuit, but certain protection is necessary. Wear a mask and wash your hands more often, using a sanitizer from time to time. Although the surfaces are not the main source of infection and can't be considered really dangerous, keep them clean — it's always a healthy practice. Use gloves on gas stations and in the shops during your travel, and disinfect the hands after it.

New Searching Strategy

Utilize all the potential of the Internet to find the perfect property. First, make a background check on the neighborhoods you are interested in. Then, ask your friends and colleagues if they have any information. Word of mouth is a great resource, don't ignore it.

Modern map services provide the fantastic opportunity to view certain places online without leaving the safety of your home. You can also ask the agents to give you a video tour of the apartments you choose. 

Ways of Getting Rid of Your Stuff 

Donation or selling can be tricky because many popular services are closed now. Use social media to find people interested in your stuff. After that, you have to organize the transportation and, as in the situation with freelancers, ensure the safety measures or hire a company for this job. Make sure your things are clean and disinfected, if necessary. 

Moving and Little Ones

Think of psychological aspects before moving to a new apartment with children. The changes can lead to misbehavior and other problems, so incorporate a new routine well before day X. Please don't ignore your kids' need for information. Answer their question about the new property. Physical safety in the pandemic situation is important, too; teach your little ones the primary protection measures and make sure they wear masks correctly.

Moving with a Four-Legged Friend

Prepare all documents required for transporting a pet in advance. 

  1. Remember that vaccination takes time, so don't put it off for the last day. 
  2. Take care of cage or other equipment required by transporters. 
  3. To reduce the stress caused by travel, think of sedatives, obviously, only after the consultation with your vet.

Thank God, the Coronavirus is not dangerous for pets, but don't forget about other infections your friend can contact during the trip. 

Moving into the pandemic situation is difficult but not impossible. We believe that you can master it, but you can contact us anytime for professional help.

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