The Most Popular Cats — unique Hairless Kittens

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The popularity of Sphynx cats these days is overwhelming. Perhaps this is due to their luxurious appearance and perhaps because of their inquisitive and balanced nature. And perhaps because of the mystical associations that people generously endow the Sphynxes, calling them moon cats, aliens among the feline world.

Impressive and mysterious Sphynxes, cats that will not leave you indifferent. Once, having taken a sphinx in your arms, feeling the gentle velvety warmth of its bare skin, looking into its vast eyes, you will no longer be able to forget it. You can buy such beautiful hairless kittens for sale in an exceptional cattery — here, the producers have international pedigrees, titles, are microchipped, every year, they are vaccinated with high-quality vaccines. Experts will help you choose a kitten, advise on the care, upbringing, and feeding of your baby. All kittens of the cattery are socially adapted, love children, are good friends with other animals.

Appearance: cat without fur

The Sphynx has such distinctive features:

  • A medium-sized, muscular cat can weigh up to seven kilograms.
  • Large open ears sit on a square head.
  • According to the standard, the Sphynx cat's eyes are lemon-shaped and stand slightly over the prominent cheekbones.

On the one hand, the breed is characterized by an almost complete absence of wool. The body of the Sphynx is covered only with light, barely noticeable down. Slightly drooping, slightly wrinkled skin is also typical.

Life with the Sphynx

Sphynx care is easy, and even a child can cope with it. These cats do not require special conditions of detention, and they are unpretentious in food. Obligatory procedures include bathing, ear cleaning, clipping of nails. Moreover, these procedures do not cause negative emotions in the actual Sphynx. On the contrary, it, as always, is happy to receive attention from his person.

Despite the seeming defenselessness and vulnerability, the Sphynxes have excellent health, good immunity, and a stable psyche, and they are rightfully classified as feline centenarians. The opinion that hairless cats have poor health is nothing more than a myth based on the eternal human fear of everything new and unusual.

Pros of contacting the cattery

By purchasing a kitten in the cattery, you are guaranteed to acquire a highly bred animal, with excellent external data and a real «sphynx» character (after all, this is also laid down at the genetic level) — a real Sphynx, and not just a kitten without hair.

The cattery offers kittens of the Sphinx, elf, dwarf, bambino breeds of different ages — as well as kittens. Kittens are fully vaccinated, healthy, have an international veterinary passport, are tested, and have test results for all infections. On the site, you can order a kitten and get advice from professionals.

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