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Have Plenty of Lights in the Bathroom

Ask any expert, he/she is bound to tell you that without the proper lights even the top most accessories in your bathroom won’t get noticed. There are many examples of high tech and modern bathroom designs that don’t get noticed simply because they don’t have the correct lights to show everything off. The misconception about bathroom lights is… Read More »

Italian tile bathroom white marble

Brilliant luster of Carrara Mosaic white marble is unmistakable. Designers and stylists have always been interesting to add tiles made from this material in its interior. These stones can be used for countertops, flooring, structural column, or anywhere, but the Royal and classic effect can not be disputed ever. If you are going to add an Italian tile… Read More »

Bathroom tiles designs

There is no better place in the home to use ceramic tiles in the bathroom. Ceramic is versatile, non-porous, decorative and functional. A typical bathroom tile design will include the use of ceramic tiles and the finished surface of the walls and floors. In addition, it can also be used to create a full shower or bath, reducing… Read More »

Korra Futuristic bathtub

Every room in your home, living room or dining room furnished with properly so that it becomes a useful and effective. Furniture selection should be such that each component complements the other and creates a flowing Theme mode. For example, if a tree is the most important, and forms the highlight of all the Korra Futuristic bathtub in… Read More »

Comfortable Bathroom by Savio Firmino

Bathroom design by Savior Firmino serves the comfortable bathroom design in the classic touch in the interior design. The bathroom interior design by Savior Firmino is the classic bathroom which uses the classic design in the bathroom interior design. The interior design of this bathroom interior by Savio Firmino applies the special design of the bathroom interior design… Read More »