6 Exclusive Kitchen Backsplash Tile Ideas You Need to See

Your kitchen backsplash can really embellish your home décor furniture as it does your home wall décor. It is no need for you to always stick to only one kitchen backsplash; you can embrace a much more stylish and better-looking kitchen backsplash to add personality and drama to your kitchen wall décor. The first thing one will notice in your kitchen is your backsplash, and having a dull and monotonous backsplash for kitchen isn’t what you would like others to notice at first glance! It’s time you upgrade that part of your kitchen backsplash designs with an affordable home décor alternative.

Kitchen tiles are the most flexible, convenient and easily-purchasable option out there for you. Most homeowners choose to opt for the usual white-washed brick tiles with contrasting cabinet structures surrounding it, but that’s not you! You’re different. And to help you stay exquisite, we’ve compiled a list of 6 stunningly unique kitchen backsplash tiles that you could pick from and step on ahead with more meaningful home décor selections that reflect you and your family’s style.


6 Exclusive Tiles for the Kitchen Backsplash - 01 Herringbone Tiles

To give a modern home décor complexion to your kitchen, install herringbone tiles immediately. Don’t you want to cook food and feel good about it, in an atmosphere that’s invigorating and classy at the same time? You won’t be any less surprised or overwhelmed when this actually happens with you once you’re cooking against such a kitchen backsplash. Herringbone tiles are just the way to do that, for those who are looking for ways to upgrade their interior home and décor! They add definitions and are easy to install as they’re available in a 12-by-12 inch backing material to hold several of the tiles together.


6 Exclusive Tiles for the Kitchen Backsplash - 02 Mirror Tiles

These tiles are eccentric and some might even call them kinky when used for kitchen backsplash. To make your modern home décor look luxurious, opt for mirror tiles for your kitchen backsplash as they speak the same tale. You can get mirror tiles customized in different shapes, textures, patterns, etc. And you’d be surprised how wonderful they’ll look in your kitchen. Besides, you add a bit more drama to your cooking as you can watch yourself chop and stir avidly.


6 Exclusive Tiles for the Kitchen Backsplash - 03 Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are the most commonly used tiles by homeowners looking for comfort and elegance as their kitchen backsplash. Subway tiles have been derived from the standard tile structure one sees when in a subway station to all over the world. It’s a classic design to utilize as you please, and with just the right amount of creativity you will create something magical as your kitchen backsplash.


6 Exclusive Tiles for the Kitchen Backsplash - 04 Mosaic Tiles

What can you do if you’re not willing to go with a tile or design that can’t be customized, while you’re looking for something more personal? This might be a little less budget-friendly than the rest, but it’s worth it because you can make anything out of them! With mosaic tiles, you can create any design of your own, choosing an expert service, preferably an artist who excels in custom mosaic tile designs, and you are presented with your own neat and personal kitchen backsplash. This is a great tile alternative to transform out of the ordinary to the extraordinary. Many tile design companies and artists also have a wide selection of designs made from mosaic tiles for you to choose from, that’s another way to go.


6 Exclusive Tiles for the Kitchen Backsplash - 05 Laser Cut Tiles

If consider your kitchen backsplash a puzzle, then that’s one puzzle that’s already solved with laser-cut tiles. Such tiles are extremely defined as they are trimmed and shaped with a laser to procreate explicit and intense designs with a strong texture. One might think they’re large patterned tiles, but they’re not! You’ll find many designs made from precious materials such as silver-backed glass, handmade-gold, marble, stone, etc.


6 Exclusive Tiles for the Kitchen Backsplash - 06 Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles are large and bold. These tiles, especially those big in size, add volume and drama to your kitchen backsplash. With patterned tiles, you need to make sure that your design is well-sought after with a crisp composition that will bring in a strong affect on your senses. The secret is to lay out the patterned tiles freely and in an expressive manner; only then will your kitchen backsplash stands out and enhances your home wall décor intensely.

So what do you think? Don’t to heasitate to share your ideas or designs with us.

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