Apartment Decorating Idea For Small Bathroom

If you live in an apartment it is highly likely that the bathroom is small. However, you can improve its look by doing some few simple things. First, you should ensure that everything in there is properly arranged. You should for example ensure that all the towels are placed in behind the bathroom door. If the bathroom already has towel rack, you should add splash to it by use of colorful, bright bathroom, curtains, towels, patterns or prints. It is not a must that the shower curtains should be cream or white. It can be of any color that adds décor to the bathroom.

These days, towels are available in many color options and you can pick one that can greatly improve the bathroom, aesthetic appeal and outlook. In general, you should ensure that the towels, shower curtain, and general bathroom color match. Also remember to include full length mirrors in the bathroom.


The refection of these mirrors within the bathroom will create an effect that makes it appear bigger. Also ensure that the lighting within the bathroom is proper. You should use the energy saving bulbs for lighting purposes.

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