How to Decorate Bathroom on Low Budget

Your bathroom is probably the smallest room in your household. However, it is very important because it is the place where you take shower after long day’s work. Regardless of its present status, you can completely change and improve the outlook of your bathroom and make it more elegant. Bathroom decorating is the cheapest of all the home décor projects. For example, you can decorate your bathroom by simply shelving it. You will use these shelves for the storage of toiletry and towel when bathing.


For the most inviting look you may consider adding some flowers or scented candles. Lighting also plays very important role in decorating your bathroom. You should ensure that you take advantage of the natural lighting as possible. You should also consider installing low voltage hanging bulbs in the bathroom. In the bathroom, you should also include mirrors in the walls. The mirrors will not only improve the décor in the bathroom but also illusionary make it to appear larger. There are various types of mirrors of different sizes available in home décor stores online for as low as $15 or even less.

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