Developing Ideas for Decorating a Girl’s Bedroom

A girl’s bedroom is probably the most sensitive area of her life. It is a refuge many a time and has many hidden secrets and stories to tell .That is why for the parents and the girl herself bedroom ideas for girls often present a challenge .Things associated with girls are color , notably pink , flowers on the wall , on the beddings and her playthings when still young.


When decorating a baby girl’s room color plays an important role in introducing her to this world the walls can be decorated with wallpaper with symbols of childhood and the fun that comes with discovery. Images of popular characters associated with children can adorn the bedroom. Dolls and stuffed animals should surround her to create a feeling of warmth and love.

As she enters her teenage years and gets older bedroom ideas for girls may lead to remodeling or redecoration of her surroundings .Things like fashion, beauty and entertainment begin to exert an influence on her personality and thought patterns. Love and belongingness may preoccupy her days. Parents should consult her so that her bedroom is a reflection of what she is experiencing through this sometimes turbulent phase in her life. She may want constant reminders of her icons as her wall hangings and posters of her role models.


A feeling of confidence in her bedroom will have her invite her playmates over to discuss their innermost fancies. The bedroom should be well lit and windows that allow in fresh air. A work corner can also form part of a girl’s bedroom idea. Plenty of time will be spent on the mobile phone or browsing the internet. It can also double up as a study.

Girls have a knack for being emotionally attached to items they value so storage space will require some creativity and innovation in decorating the girl’s bedroom.

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