Ideas on Room Painting that Add Life

A mounted canvas remains just that until a painter expresses his thoughts on the canvas through painting. The painting completes the link between the canvas and the picture in his mind. Similarly a house remains a structure until the paint-man takes his brush and fulfills the expressed wishes of the house owner. It remains incomplete until the painting is done. The beauty of a house is essentially expressed in the room painting ideas reflected by the work of painting that is seen throughout the house.


Planning and deciding the color scheme and themes for the house requires having a picture of the end result not only for the total picture but also for the individual sections and walls that will be painted. The life of the house is in the choice of colors that are created when having room painting ideas. The painting of the rooms plays a big part in creating a background and atmosphere that may range from serenity to outright energy.


Bedrooms are where one starts the day and also ends the day so the color chosen should be able to make one feel alive in the morning and relaxed at the end of the day. Subtle colors such as white and a light blue will ease one into these moods. The living room is a social place and having bright colors may help break inhibitions withheld by family and friends. A combination of colors can also be thought of in any of the rooms depending on the statement one wants to make.

In considering room painting ideas, consultations with family members is also vital but the important point to remember is that although painting by itself may be a task that is easily visible it is the lasting effect of the task that creates an impression.

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