Eye Catching Painting Ideas for Smart Kids Room

Looking for painting ideas for your kids’ rooms? Children’s rooms are usually bright and reflect the innocence and carefree nature of childhood. While this may seem like a tall order, it’s not that difficult to pull off. Here are some room painting ideas for kid’s rooms.

First of all, try using bold, primary colors in painting the walls and furniture. This means bright yellows, vibrant reds, and deep blues. You can paint stripes of primary colors over a white backdrop, or paint them like a striped ribbon that floats across the walls. For a more creative twist, paint the stripes so that they fall across the furniture and go back to the walls. Or you can paint horizontal stripes that avoid the furniture by making angular detours around them. Or you can paint simple shapes with primary colors.


If you feel that the last idea was too retro, you can try a mural. Try a landscape of a flower field with wide open skies, or a regular old field. Depictions of wide open skies feel less stuffy and more fun for a child’s room. You can even try a jungle mural with many birds. If you’re still stumped, you can look through the backgrounds of children’s’ books and start from there.

If you don’t want to do too much painting, get creative. Get large pieces of lace and paint over them, so that they leave a charming pattern when removed. You can also find lots of fun stencils and rubber stamps at craft stores, so you can take advantage of those too. In a pinch, you can even carve your own design on a raw potato or an orange and use it as a stamp (Make sure that it’s not going into the potato salad later). Even if you are painting textures and stamping on designs, remember your color theory. Only put together colors that work well with each other, or your paint job is going to end up a muddy mess.

You know kids: no matter how beautifully you’ve painted the walls, they’re going to end up with crayon and pencil all over them at some point. A fun way to let this happen is to leave a square of white on the walls, where your child can freely draw whatever they want. Make sure that it’s waterproof, so that it’s easy to wash and reuse. If you don’t want to have a canvas directly painted onto the wall, get an artist’s easel for your little one.

Children’s’ tastes vary, so what might delight one child may not be as fun for the other. If none of these ideas work for your child, check other resources and blogs online.

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