A complete Guide for Home Design Software Solution

With all the technological advancements in our world, it’s no wonder that software has been introduced to help you create the home of your dreams. Some are free, some aren’t. It takes a bit of Google savvy to find free interior design software that are as good as paid software, but they do exist. What an interior design software does is simulate the inside and outside of your house to see what it currently looks like and what it should look like from a different point of view. It makes it easier to see what can be done with your living space and how to do it, without having to rearrange your furniture or buy new pieces from the get-go. It saves time, energy and money. Before choosing a free home design software, here are some things you need to consider.

First of all, it has to have complete capabilities. It has to consider as many factors as possible, including 2D floorplans, 3D views, precise dimensions and measurements, and more. Some software even include cost measurements for how big a house is supposed to be. While dimensions seem like they sound like a building contractor’s turf, they’re also important for knowing how much space you have inside the house, and therefore how much furniture can fit inside. You’ll also want a software that supports curved and crooked walls, just in case your contractor made a bit of a miscalculation in the angles of the walls.


Some home design software also includes wiring and pipe planning, which sounds rather odd for home design. But if you’re overhauling your entire house’s current design, these are important, especially if you’re moving electrical appliances around. You’ll want to know where the electrical outlets are. Some also include outdoor plans, which are useful if you want to remodel the balcony or patio.

You’ll also want to find a software that supports color and painting. The walls shouldn’t be the only ones that can be painted; the floors and furniture should have color options as well. This is to ensure that you get the most accurate simulation for a color scheme or the furniture that you already have. You’ll also want a software that has a large library of 3D items that can simulate things you have or want to plan for your home, so that you don’t leave any side table or wall pot left behind.

You’ll also want to choose a software that isn’t very difficult to use. There’s no point in getting a top-of-the line software if it’s too complicated to use. If you’ve got an easy-to-use software that can accurately recreate your home before and after redesigning everything, you’re good to go.

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