Room Full of Painted Characters

If you’re expecting a baby start preparing his room early. Even if he’s a boy or a girl, you need to have a perfect design for them, so he or she will feel safe when is sleeping. Your kid will enjoy the funny paintings on walls.


Paint the ceilings too

Keep in mind this painting ideas for kids room before you begin. Most of kids will sleep with their face up so you have to be sure that they will see a magical ceiling. There are a lot of themes that you can paint, so here are a few of them. On ceiling you must use your inspiration and creativity for a perfect design. This type of painting will glitter when lights are off so your kid will see a sky full of bright stars.


Paint bed time stories on the walls

Kids are full of energy that never decreases. Paint all the walls of your kid’s rooms. Use some characters from bedtime stories for painting ideas for kids’ room. If your kid loves birds so much you can paint his room in a light pink with some lines drawn all over the wall and some birds over the lines. When lights are out the birds painted with green will glitter in night. That way your kid can think that those are talking birds. Another design is one full of dinosaurs. We all know those animated series and your kid will be so happy watching at dinosaurs on walls. With three colors, yellow for the sky, green for grass and blue for water, those creatures will become a live Jurassic Park for your children. There are so many designs you can use so watch lots of pictures and read description and how you can transform your kid’s room in a bed time story.

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