How to Customize French Country Home Décor Theme for your Apartment decorating idea

French country home décor theme has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. A brief look at history shows that this traditional home décor style ha sits origins in the scenic villages in Southern France. It is loved by many because it is not only luxurious but it also brings out the true warmth to the home. In spite of having some sort of casual look, it is quite inviting.


Basically, French country home décor design involves the use of natural materials such as floral, baskets and wood. The naturals soothing colors such as green from trees and sky blue are used. The good thing with this home décor style is that it can be customized to suit various budgets. The following are the top features of this home décor design.

Color: foamy green, rusty red, splashes of blue, lavender, gold, pink, and bright yellow are the colors frequently used in this home décor style.


Fabric: Toile, which has white or beige background with pictures, is the fabric most commonly associated French country home décor style.

Furniture: rustic, natural furniture is the traditional choice of the home décor style.

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