Ideas for a Girls Bedroom

Ideas for a Girls Bedroom2

Whether your daughter is 6 or 8, she will most probably want you to design her, a room which has come straight out of a story book. Now even though you cannot really create a castle in her room, you can make it resemble a little princess’s room by making some minor changes or adding a few things.


If you have bought a new house and are designing the room from scratch, then remember that the first thing you would want to start with are the walls. Depending on the taste of your little girl, paint the walls and ceilings of the room with a light or pastel color which exudes feminism. Keep in mind that you will have to adopt light colors if you are looking for the fairytale look.

Along with this, you can add nice lacy curtains and bead spreads to the walls and bed and ensure that your little angel has all her wishes granted.

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