Bedroom Ideas for Women

You sometimes need to incorporate more than one brilliant idea in order to please a woman; especially when it comes to their bedrooms – the place where they will be spending more or less 8 hours every day. Knowing how difficult it can be sometimes to stick to only one design, we’ve come up with some bedroom ideas for women whom we think can make your choice easier.

Although great modernist designers are now approaching new creative ways of improving the look of your home, some of us still prefer living that vintage experience of a French studio. Without letting too much natural light in, you can still build up a cosy and open room, preserving most of the wooden touch, the white cotton bedding and the tiny cute pieces of furniture.


Present times don’t look too bad either. Take two warm and cosy colours and put them together in your favourite room for an excellent modern look. King size beds here would be a must; also worth mentioning the large spaces you will benefit from by reducing your furniture location around the four walls of your room. Place your bed on a darker colored carpet, and smile every time you enter that room.

Another much experimented look comes from the most amazing minimalist designs. Never lacking light and space, the minimalist designs seem to be very popular among women. While some see it as a very clinical and perfect experience, others are very confident about their practicality. This type of design will most likely suit an artist or a writer in need to keep their minds clear and focus on their work instead of getting distracted by dozens of pieces of furniture and three or four different colours surrounding them.

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