How to use Free Interior Design Software

Free interior design software helps you create, plan and organize ideas and creations for free before doing it on actual work without any payment. This way you can see the outcome without even finishing your work. Learn how to use free interior design software by following this simple steps:


First, download free interior design software then install it on your computer. To start a design, create a shape for a room or a house by drawing the exterior walls. To use the exterior wall tool, hold down the left mouse button, drag then release to create the walls, remember to customize their size. As the walls are drawn, a temporary dimension shows there approximate length. These walls are composed of several layers including siding, framing, sheathing and sheath rack. All will automatically calculate in the materials list. When drawing walls, there is no need to leave spaces for doors and windows. The program will automatically create openings when those items are placed. Different kinds of software’s include different kinds of wall types such as curves, interior and half walls. Each wall layer can be defined with attributes such as color, line weight and hatching. When the shape of the room or house is completed, choose the dimension tool then click on the automatic exterior dimensions. The software instantly places accurate dimensions for all the walls. You will also find automatic interior dimensions tool to place interior dimensions. To move a wall, click it and drag to the desired location or first select the wall and select a dimension to precisely locate it. Using the interior wall tool, place walls in the design. Look at the completed room layout with a 3D view to see what the design layout looks like so far. The overview shows a good perspective of the room shapes. With home designer, you can design in 2D or 3D. For example, move walls, add windows or doors in 3D and watch it automatically play update. This is a simple step to create you floor plan.

To make you house at home, choose from the wide selection of interior furniture to detail your design. Simply drag and drop to place. Use your mouse to drag it in to a new location or simply rotate to fit. Drag and drop materials to customize interior and exterior surfaces. You can select varieties of colors and materials in designing your interior design. Make sure to fit all furniture and select matching colors for each room and design.

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