Similarities And Differences On Boys And Girls Teenage Room Ideas

Creating the perfect room for your children while their growing up will help them build their confidence. Help them create a room where they can relax and be themselves. Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do on creating your child’s perfect room.


  1. Let your kid choose a specific style or theme they want. For girl teenagers, they might want a room themed like a princess or a room full of the color pink or purple. While for boy teenagers, growing up is a struggle for they want to show how manly they are; adding football posters may help with this one. Some teenagers act maturely and skip the “teenage pace”, help them build a more mature surrounding. This theme helps them bring out the best “me” out of themselves.
  2. For a teenage boy or girl, having to share a room with a sibling is a struggle for there is no much space for privacy. What’s more annoying is that a person’s mess is the other person’s mess too. Help them create a little boundary by putting a barrier in between them. Separate beds by putting each one away from each other as far as possible and let a desk or dresser serve as a divider; this will help determine what is yours and what is mine idea. Make sure to give each side electrical outlets for each to use; each one doesn’t one going to the other side or letting the other one on to his/her side. Sibling get to be jealous easily, make sure to put something on both sides to avoid useless arguments.
  3. Teenage boys tend to be messier than teenage girls. Have a cabinet for clean clothes and a laundry basket for dirty ones; this will help organize their clothes. A garbage can is a must inside especially for a boy’s room; they tend to be lazy just to throw their dirt outside thus, they just choose to put it anywhere in the room. Help them organize their belongings by encouraging them to separate what is dirty from what is not or else everything will just be dirty.


Teenagers always want privacy. They don’t want anybody going in and out of their room especially their parents. They want to create a place where they could always be alone and not be disturbed by younger brother or sister. Help them create their own space according to what they like. This way they can grow into a better person.

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