Luxury Bed Ideas Ever Invented

A good way to invest your money is to invest it on your bed. Everybody needs to sleep; you spend more or less 50 percent of your time sleeping. There’s nothing more relaxing than having a good night sleep on your own bed. These cool bedroom ideas will tell you that staying in bed made it more comfortable than any other things that made you get out of it.


  1. The very popular aquarium bed by Acrylic Tank Manufacturers catches the eyes of the many. This aquarium is made as a headboard fitted to your bed can hold up to six hundred fifty gallons of water. Now you can forget counting sheeps and start experiencing sleeping with different marine creatures. Get it for only &11,500.
  2. The Jado Steel Style Gold bed is one of the most expensive bed ever made. This bed literally makes you not ever leave your bed anymore. This bed is worth $676,550 and it comes with varieties of features. This bed has a built in plasma TV, DVD player, Bose sound system and a PS3 game console coated with a 24k gold and it is wired up with Swarovski crystals; and did I mention, this is a water bed? Reality just made it better than dreams.
  3. The magnetic floating bed makes you forget all about water beds and other kinds beds. This bed is created with no frame or headboard. This gives you the feeling of flying but not with magic carpets but with these magnetic flying beds. This beds have magnets embedded in them and magnets embedded on the floor pushes it away causing it to float. The price? 1.2 million Euros. Totally worth it I guess. modern-luxury-bedroom
  4. Ever had the feeling of not being safe while you sleep? This quantum sleeper might just help you with your fear of danger. A bed that is bulletproof, airtight/watertight with a rebreather, backup power and air filtered and has one-way mirrors. It also has optional CD and DVD players, microwave oven, and refrigerator while remaining protected against gas attacks, bullets, fires, hurricanes, floods, kidnappers, stalkers and homicidal maniacs. A perfect cure for paranoid people who doesn’t need to go the bathroom. Your pesonal safe room worth $160,000.
  5. Rocking Bed by Manuel Kloker. Instead of rocking chair where you can sit, why not buy a rocking chair where you can rock yourself to sleep seating or laying down. This bed only costs $6,800.

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