Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas That Will Avoid Warfare

When it comes to teenage room ideas, it would be nothing short of miraculous is parents and child all agreed on the style, color and expense of redecorating a bedroom. But since that’s never going to happen unless your teenager is on medication, you have to work together to avoid a prolonged battle that no one really wins. The first thing to remember is that your teen is not you. They should be allowed to be their own person and their bedroom should reflect that. Within reason of course. But don’t try and foist your ideas and wants on your teenager, because that is a guaranteed way to generate anger and resentment. Instead, try compromise for your teenage room ideas. Yes, it can be difficult to sit by and watch your teenager paint the walls of their room purple, but if you do, in the end you’ll find that your patience paid off, because your teenager will have the room they wanted and you will not be on their hit list. There’s one other thing about redecorating a teenager’s bedroom that you should keep in mind. Just as adults are sometimes inspired by certain events in their lives to change the decor of their home, that same principle works for teens too. Your teenager may want to celebrate reaching a goal they have set for themselves, or a special birthday, etc., by redecorating their bedroom. Let them. Even if it’s not something you were prepared for.


There are plenty of ways to incorporate teenage room ideas into a new room without having to pay for it all with an arm and a leg. If you stick to a budget and remember that word compromise, then all should be fine. Let your child know that you are not out to stifle their desire for expressing themselves. That you really do want them to be happy with their new room, but that funds simply aren’t limitless. Then try and reach an agreement about some of the major items that are required for every teen’s room, like a desk, a bed, curtains. Once you have those down, let them handle the paint on the walls. Just remember that if it’s some atrocious color they will probably tire of it soon and then you’ll be glad that you didn’t use wallpaper on those walls.

Also for teenage room ideas let them choose their own chairs and bedspread. Once you’ve got the basic color on the walls down you might be surprised at their ability to match the appropriate colors in a way that doesn’t hurt your eyes or jangle your nerves.

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