Today’s Impact of Free Home Interior Design Software

Gone are the days when interior design project planning has to do with the use of a tape measure, pad, pencil with result based on our imaginations. Today however, modern technology has given the interior design industry numerous solutions saving us some time and also costs in designing a home’s interior. This software are easy to use and therefore can be used by both professionals and amateur designers and it is also relatively easy to learn than the contemporary crude methods.

The impact of this free home design and free interior design softwarecannot be quantified as apart from the fact that it has inspired many people to try their hands in this field, it also have simplified the works of designer. Some of them are outlined below.



Home design software amazingly optimizes the design of building or intern designs. It eliminates the stress of having to sketch, erase and having to re-sketch usually associated with the manual method. Some of this software are unbelievably easy to use even for a first timer in contrast to the normal method. One just has to select the correct features and input the right dimensions and you will get your result immediately.


Thanks to home design software, a work that would originally take days can be done within some few hoursas far as all the necessary values are known. The interfaces of this software are designed in such a way that it is interactive and also with little efforts, the task can be completed easily. With the help of a software like Planner 5D, it is possible to design and convert your work into a 3D colour display so that one can a get a good idea of how the room will appear when completed. You can also inject furniture and all kinds of room. For the sake of speed, if a designer is comfortable making his drawings manually, any design software can also be used prior to the start to know the outcome before even starting thereby making the work pretty straight forward.



With the help of some of the free software and by self-learning by the use of numerous tutorials available in the internet, it is possible to design a building of our own choice without needing to spend a lot on professional designers or having to spend to attend courses on building or interior design also indirectly saving a lot of time. Same applies to professionals like Architects as the entry of design software has basically made their work easier than before.

Generally, design software have played a big part in the growth of architecture and other related fields. Imagine how strenuous and tasking it would be to draw the design of a structure like the BurjKhalifa with hands, then we will begin to appreciate what this software are doing for us.

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