Tremendous Cool Boy Bedroom Ideas Make To Want Shrink

After dissecting an almost similar topic on teenage girls, it will be only good to replicate same as regards boys too. Boys in contrast to girls tend to have simple designs that can be easily related to easily by almost all designers no matter their level of experience. Most boys tend to design their rooms with what they have passion doing or love as the inspiration behind the design. This post will be themed on a cool boy that is music and probably a budding musician himself.

Firstly, the wall should be painted with a cool colour, white can be used or blue with the ceiling also being white. Now for a music fan, say a fan of the legendary Michael Jackson, He will want a poster of him somewhere in his room, the poster should be placed at the back of the bed preferably. Space must be provided for some of his most priced accessories such as guitar and any other that doesn’t usually have a stand. Boys tend to also appreciate white window blind and this will also perfectly match the earlier used colours. The lighting must also be looked into too as boys also tends ti appreciate bright environment therefore white light will be appreciated but not too bright as most boys seem to be reserved and drawn in as compared to girls.


Regarding the floor section, boys will appreciate any cool design and necessarily bright, therefore tiles of high quality marble with touch of black or brown can be used as it tends to reduce the brightness in the room thereby balancing the earlier effects. Rug of preferably brown colour will also be appreciated to complete the floor design and give it a mature look.

The furniture should be generally brown in colour. As for the bed, it can be laid with bed sheets of colour like brown or dark green as long as it is too whitish in nature as boys do not appear to be too comfortable dealing with white materials as a whole. There should be a table in the room for reading purpose or any other activities and also stands for keyboard, a chair all in brown colour. It is also very rare to see a boy not in love with any sport whether it is cricket, basketball or football. Every boy seems to have that sport that catches his attention greatly, therefore there should be a cabinet that will serve to keep materials from this sport like football or racket as the case may be.

On a final note, designing a boy’s room might seem to be a piece of cake on paper but it is surely equally tasking.

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